Color Coated/Coded enemies mod.


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Would it be possible to mod these mechanics in?

1)They can be hit by any and all weapons.
2)The weapon they correspond with does the most damage.
3)The weapon type they are meant to be hit by are the only ones that can interrupt them while they are attacking.
4)When you switch to the weapon they correspond with they become twice as aggressive and do twice as much damage and get new attacks(Like setting the floor on fire ALA the Hell Knight) and attack patterns.(This will not have an animation.)
5)They can't be thrown in the air by DT.
6)You can parry them with any weapon, and parrying is the only way other weapons can interrupt their attack animations.
7)All their attacks can hurt you regardless of what mode you are in.

I'll settle for just the majority of these mechanics being possible.
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