Boss guide on Dante must Die mode (spoilers?)


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After a LOT of blood, sweat and tears I'm finally up to mission 14. Since there's three bosses in a row I'm taking a bit of a break and decided I may as well write a guide to how to fight the bosses on this difficulty.

It's actually possible to beat this boss and not get hit at all once you know the attack patterns. First there's the double fireballs he likes to spit out. Then there's the beam attacks. When there's a beam it means there's going to be another beam and two fireballs after the first beam sweeps. That's a good time to jump and airhike. Quicksilver actually shows when it's about to be thrown at you. Just move away from the location. As for the "sky breams" those will hit where you're standing. All you got to do is move. Then there's the crystal countering after it "bulges". As long as you watch Urizen himself you can see which attack is coming. There's normally an arm movement.

Qliphoth Roots
This isn't too difficult. watch the roots and jump and dodge away when it attacks at close range. Same attack pattern. There's an attack pattern for when you're at long range too. But that's about it. Same basic moves as you whack away at it. What changes things somewhat is when a berserker gets thrown into the mix.

At first he might seem overwhelming but he's actually not too bad. He hits hard but jump attacks and dodging works when in his face. But it can still be a risk. The trick is to get BEHIND this boss as you attack him. Use devil breakers to free yourself if/when you get caught in that swirling vortex. Don't get greedy with stocking up on charged shots too much and prioritise dodging over attacking, even at long range. Because those pounce attacks hurt. I actually found Beowulf more difficult in Devil May Cry 3 because the back attacks would be more sudden. Goliath is a pussy cat compared to that.

It can be easy to get careless with this one. Maintain range when you can at first. There's two main attacks this boss has. First the "straight" line where it sends a single line of beams at you from top to bottom. Side dodge or keep moving left and right. Then there's the "top and bottom" beam attack. That one is countered by jumping and airhiking. Not too difficult so far. But here's where things get more interesting. There's two "sidekicks" Artemis has that like to attack you as well. They have their own attacks. "Ring attacks" are the most common. Just avoid that. What's rarer and much more sudden is when they launch themselves at you. It only takes a few shots to stop them, at which point they'll pause. This is the point they can be used to zip wire towards the boss. Once you reach the boss with them zipwire to Artemis herself and hack away in the air. As long as you stay high you can get in hit without being hit yourself. Though I'd still airhike out of the way if Artemis prepares an attack just in case. Then there's the charge attack Artemis likes to do at times. This is a move you'll also see in the last fight, but it's just the first part of it. When Artemis is about to charge at you they'll straighten their body out just before charging. And finally there's this "explosion" ability they have. At some points in the fight Artemis will hover higher and higher into the air as they charge up some sort of fireball. I never let her get off that attack but if she did I bet it would cover the whole map and do insane damage. Use the sidekicks she has to reach her. Knock them out then zipline on both and then on Artemis to reach her and hack away in the air.

This guy is kind of annoying. Focus on the "arms" first. And keep dodging like crazy as you look for the attack patterns. When Nidhogg himself shows up I'd still focus on the arms and then on Nidhogg. Attacks tend to come straight at you so dodging sideways seems to be the most effective. Combined with some airhiking. Just be sure not to dodge too soon.

Elder Geryon Knight
Kind of a tricky one. You can dodge the charge attacks easily enough. It's when time slows down for you things can become an issue. This boss has a charge attack, which is easy enough to avoid. Then there's the sword attacks. Just stay away as much as you can while making good use of forward dash attacks with the animals. Mixed in with whatever other attacks you want to perform. The problem isn't when the animals are alive, it's when they're in stalemate that things get a LOT harder for you since you'll be playing V. If they both go down summon nightmare ASAP, because unless you're an expert at perfectly timed dodges you're probably going to get hit. Since the animals come back to life after nightmare is summoned you can just unsummon nightmare and keep going. It might be better to save the devil trigger power for buffing the animals so they last longer.

Scrap Demon
I actually found this to be VERY easy. Keep moving on the ground, look out for when you're getting shot at by the tentacles and you'll set. hit the weak spots and zipline on up. Whack away at the weakspot looking at the back for the spines to pop up. Avoid by airhiking or jumping off then getting back on. Later in the fight there's "artillery". But it's easy to get away from then get right back. Especially with the jump charge attack. The spinning discs will need to be fled from (and shot at) but you're faster. At the very end of the fight you'll end up playing charging bull with this boss. Stay behind him like with Goliath and get on top when you can. This fight isn't really hard, it's just very long.

Urizen 2
This guy again. same as before. It might be scripted to lose when a certain attack is made on you instead of losing all health. Curious if anyone has beaten this and if it's the same secret ending or not.

Urizen 3
Now this time I know you lose as soon as you get hit by a fireball. Other then that I don't know if there's a secret ending for beating him or not.

Cavaliere Angelo
I HATE this guy. He's a nightmare at close range. and has this sudden charge teleport attack. It can be easy to mess up and side dodge instead of airhiking. When Cavaliere teleport attacks you, JUMP and airhike. But that's not the end of it on this difficulty. There's a few random follow up attacks right after the teleport attack. As for the close range attacks, first you got his shield to deal with. Then you got the change to counter him when you both recoil if you follow up an attack. Only sometimes it works and sometimes he hits you anyway. It's also likely he'll hit you with a beam attack. Dodge first, attack later. Trickster is good for this. Kalina ann does nice damage too. When his shield isn't blocking the shots. But it's free hits when the boss is charging to get his lighting abilities back. You can get in three gunslinger attacks with multiple rockets when that happens. At that point it's going to be either beam attacks, energy shots or a teleport attack. Dodge away. Move in and strike. Dodge away and strike again. Repeat. Remembering to airhike the teleport attacks before dodging again.

Urizen 4
This time it's for real. Royal guard is very useful in this fight. Start by taking out that crystal and trying to get in some free hits. As SOON as that's done your sin trigger is toast. You might get hit at this point. Urizen's attack patterns become familiar enough. He has a move for "tracking tentacles". Which you can dodge but it's just easier to block. There's a move for swiping at close range. Airhike or dodge away. Then there's the charge attack he does which hits nearby and at a distance. Get away and then block just in case those hit you. There's also a slow fist slam he does but it's got a pretty long animation. Then there's the "push" attack he does. But he glows red and says a line before doing it. Blocking with royal guard will stop you flying, but you don't take damage from it anyway. Halfway through he'll mix things up with beam attacks, but they have a limited arc and can be circled around. Normal tentacle enemies will appear from the ground. Urizen will also toss the odd fireball, so look out for that. The crystal also has to be taken down three times in the fight. This will test your endurance more then anything. Despite beating him finally he hardly seems fazed and you'll have to fight him one last time later on.

I'll edit this thread later to include the other bosses.