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Anyone playing DmC often? Looking for a Vergil of my own :)

Woki Bakoki

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Dec 27, 2020
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If you're on PC like me, lets add each other on Steam and gun for high scores or something. I don't know any other DmC players and would love some friends to try and top. As well as just ramble about DmC in general with :)

For an idea of my skill level: currently playing through Hell and Hell. Once that's done I'll have all of the base game achievements. Vergil's Downfall, that one I've only beaten on Nephilim so I haven't given it much attention. Only done all SSS's on Nephilim because it's the only one with an achievement bound to it.

Just wanna compare and have a friend to play alongside. DmC is perfect for that kinda thing so anyone interested? Combo points, times, overall scores idm. My name is just "Woki Bakoki" on Steam. Hit me up, lets party! (If I'm not the only one, look for the Luigi pic).