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Advanced Per-Stab Vergil:

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Jun 28, 2018
This version of Per-Stab has the same as original features and has fixes and good feature:

-Note: I'm not making any money out of this mod or own it I just tweak the game and this mod is free for the public to use.

Game Copyright Belong To: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Theme Copyright: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Game Based On: General DMC


-Backup Files in case if you want back to the original model (Weak Vergil)
-When you open the pause menu I added another texture to the DT bar that was missing (small details)
-Removed Dante DT bar texture (the pink texture) that was a part of mod for no reason (this mod is for Vergil, not Dante) it should be clean

PS: If there is a mistake, I have a backup of it in google drive and a link to the original .

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