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A detailed analysis of the DmC debut trailer


Fearfully and wonderfully made
May 1, 2006
Okay, I thought we’d try something a little different for today — something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and, thankfully, the release of the new “DmC” trailer has provided me with sufficient reason to put things immediately in motion. What I’ll be doing is this: I’ll be attempting to de-construct the new DmC debut trailer which was recently unleashed unto the world, and highlight particular elements that I feel might be worth your attention, and perhaps even provide some insight into the meaning and purpose behind some of the more interesting tidbits. For your convenience, the newly released DmC debut trailer is available directly below:

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Who is David Hume?

Time into video: 0.04 minutes.

Two quotes by a gentleman called David Hume will crop up. Who is David Hume, you ask? David Hume was a Scottish philosopher and historian who was born May 7, 1711. Hume was regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of Western philosophy and Scottish Enlightenment. Hume, through his life, would go on to publish books which detailed the “science of man” — which examined the psychological basis of human nature.

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The two quotes during the debut trailer read:

  1. “Heaven and Hell suppose two distinct species of men, the good and the bad”
  2. “But the greatest part of mankind float betwixt vice and virtue”

The first voice you'll hear

Time into video: 0.16 minutes.

“Young offenders rehabilitation program. Subject: 64432B — Psycho evaluation treatment; day 13. Resume.”

After the mysteriously gruff voice begins speaking, a panoramic view of the city comes into shot. The city is called “Limbo City” — I know this much because of the recently released picture of a roughed-up . At first glance, Limbo City appears very much like a typical, busy American city, but with a much more gothic twist. Although, in the distance, there is clearly an odd looking monument standing some 200 feet tall with two protruding, tusk-like points curled towards the thick green sky — oddly suspicious. The name of the city and the overall vibe of the atmosphere could imply that DmC will be based in Purgatory.

The voice will very likely belong to either a police detective or, more likely, perhaps a criminal psychologist.

The scene changes to that of a dank, grimy and poorly lit interrogation room of, I presume, The Limbo City Police Department, and a figure in a vest — almost certainly Dante — can be seen chained up by the wrists and being monitored through a security camera.

Voice #2

Time into video: 0.36 minutes.


To me, this sounds curiously like the new voice of Dante (you’ll hear Dante officially speak towards the very end of the trailer) — only much more grizzled and rather unpleasant sounding. I’ll leave the assumptions up to you.


Time into video: 0.40 minutes.

Upon asking the question, the video immediately cuts to footage of Dante battling what appears to be the new “Marionettes” of DmC; and by this, I mean that it is likely that these inky puppet-like enemies will be the first ones you encounter and and will probably be among the weakest of your foes.

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Ebony & Ivory v2.0

Time into video: 0.52 minutes.

Dante despatches the monsters easily using a pair of handguns; as much as I would like to call them “Ebony & Ivory”, these new pistols appear to have a much lower rate of fire but possibly may be even more powerful.

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Rebellion v2.0

Time into video: 1.08 minutes.

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Gone is Dante's iconic Rebellion sword, it seems. Well, if this new blade is indeed Dante's familiar Rebellion, it’s certainly undergone a “reboot” in a similar vein to Dante; appearing more like a halberd than a typical sword. It is possible, however, that Dante’s new sword will have the ability to shapeshift and possible transform into different weapons — this theory is further demonstrated towards later on in this article.[/B]


Time into video: 1.16 minutes.

During a second encounter with a group of “Marionettes”, Dante can be seen kneeling and clutching his head in pain, with sudden flashes of brain scans visible before the scene shifting back to the interrogation room. This could perhaps imply that Dante is not mentally stable and what he believes to be happening may not be.

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Interrogation room revisited

Time into video: 1.17 minutes.


It’s at this point that the grizzled voice repeats the question as we see Dante visibly disorientated and in pain, mentally flashing backwards and forwards between his encounter with the “Marionettes” and the interrogation room.

Rebellion v2.0 revisited

Time into video: 1.25 minutes.

Turns out Dante’s new sword has the ability to not only extend by several feet and latch onto objects, but also has the power to fling cars at enemies. Cool.

Dante and the Amulet

Time into video: 1.32 minutes.

It’s at this point that Dante officially reveals his name; his new voice confirms that Reuben Langdon will not be reprising his voice acting role as Dante. The new voice actor has yet to be named.

A clear shot of Dante’s necklace also comes into play at this point and, while not definite, does slightly resemble the amulet that was given to him by his mother — as revealed in earlier Devil May Cry games. However, it is extremely likely that this “reboot” will not in any way be canon to the older series, and his necklace may just be that: a necklace, and not an amulet.

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Eagle-eyed fans in our were also able to spot a Union Jack design on Dante’s left sleeve. Does this mean DmC will be set in the United Kingdom? Unlikely, as Limbo City doesn’t look like your typical British hamlet; the lack of any discernible British accents in the clip is a slight give-away. The fact that — the developers behind DmC — is a limited company based in Cambridge, England makes the badge much more likely to just be a subtle tribute to the country the game is being designed in. A better shot of the badge can be seen on Dante's jacket sleeve below:

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