1. S

    DmC Mexican Mod?

    Hello, Does someone have or know where to get the mexican mod? I really want it. Thanks in advance
  2. devilwillcry

    Super Dante skin

    This is a texture mod I made today after spending almost three days looking for it online, hoping someone else had this idea before. Boy was I wrong. While I looked for the mod over the past few days, my frustration reached a point where I just said screw it and started trying to learn how to...
  3. AmazingGaming

    Finally found a dragonslayer mod for dmc4se

    Welp i can't deny it's pretty good :3 Video :
  4. G

    Req for Mod Reuploads or Download Links : DMC Devil may Cry

    It has has been a couple of years since I have played this game and id like to play it again with the mods before. But since i cant find any working mods anywhere in here("just showing error and stuffs"). Can someone send a link or share them with google drive to be downloaded? I am really...
  5. AmazingGaming

    DMC3 Dante Mod

    ~ Mod Made By : vainiuss1 Video : Images : I will post the download link soon.
  6. WolfOD64

    Mod Support for PS4 Versions of "Fallout 4" & "Skyrim" Cancelled

    Looks like that promise for mod support for Bethesda games on PS4 have been "forbidden" by Sony, meaning only the Xbox and PC versions will have it: "In an official update...
  7. Dark Drakan

    RIP GameFront 1999-2016

    One of the biggest mod and patch download sites which has existed in one form or another since 1999 is set to close on April 30th. I have used this site many times over the years to find mods for older games and patches both official and fan created so its a shame to see it go. RIP GameFront...
  8. G

    DMC4:SE - Dante YAMATOxREBELLION combat mod

    hi guys, this is my first official mod, hope you guys enjoy it. here are the download links for the lazy people :poop::poop: or