1. therogis

    1st N.A. fight makes me worried

    ** Concerning mainly mission 4 boss ** Well uhm, actually I have died like 10 times in the 1st Nelo Angelo fight ":D" I've been hearing something like Nelo Angelo is one of the easiest bosses in DMC1... so I was wondering how worried should I be about the game difficulty compared to my personal...
  2. Blader

    I'm so glad I went back and played this in the HD collection

    I love the creepy vibe of the castle, none of the rest of DMC can capture this feeling, here's my let's play of it:
  3. VergilNeroDante

    DMC 5 Possible Pricing, Domain Name Registered and Old News For Newcomers.

    Devil May Cry 5 Isnt Entirely Out Of The Question What are your guys thoughts on all of this?
  4. AmazingGaming

    DMC1 Nero Mod

    It is a color swap mod from the dmc1 dante to nero! :D ~All credits to CynnicalScout : Video : Image:
  5. S

    DMC4SE mod - DMC1 Dante

    Just reposting this. Not my mod. Changes Dante's look even in cut scenes. Alastor is not included as that's an already existing mod. Picture taken by hiimtab/tab. More images in the link below. There was no video and I couldn't be arsed to post one of my own. Credit for the mod goes to Thin...