dmc 5

  1. Dark Drakan

    Capcom end development on DMC 5

    If fans were expecting more content for DMC 5 then it looks like they won’t be getting it any time soon as it seems Capcom have officially ended development & moved onto their next project. Do Not Expect More Content For Devil May Cry 5 Anytime Soon - GameInformer
  2. Exejpgwmv

    Most fun, disappointing, and hated enemy to fight?

    Fun: Nobodys for me. They were difficult at first, but once you figure out how to stun them consistently, they take just enough damage to be good for styling. Disappointing: Furies. They just feel like more restrictive Dreamrunners from DmC, almost always have to use the exact same strategy...
  3. Exejpgwmv

    So, those millions of people Vergil got killed... again.(SPOILERS)

    Spoilers obviously: Similar to what happened in DMC3, in DMC5 Vergil is directly responsible for destroying a city(ies) full of people. And save for maybe 1 or 2 parts of the shorter cut-scenes, no character is really angry at him about it and Vergil isn't really sorry by the end. (And I've...