1. S

    DmC Mexican Mod?

    Hello, Does someone have or know where to get the mexican mod? I really want it. Thanks in advance
  2. P

    DmC Pause Menu Sound

    Hello, can someone record this pause menu theme ingame or rip it from the game files? It's a sound effect. Sounds like an icy wind theme and very calming. Please give a download link 320 kbps mp3 or flac. Just loop it so it's one or two minutes long.
  3. P

    DmC unreleased soundtrack?

    Someone ripped the music of the game (30 audio files) File Password : Solid-Ares Code: Some time ago, someone posted this text above. But sadly, the link is not working anymore. I tried to contact that person and received no...
  4. P

    Dmc Solid-Ares Line-In Album Rip?

    Someone ripped the music of the game (30 audio files) File Password : Solid-Ares Code: *** But the link is not working anymore. I'm really interested in downloading this. Does anyone still have that album? Can someone upload it...
  5. P

    DmC Unreleased Soundtrack Audio Rip?

    Hello, DmC actually has a lot of tracks and instrumentals that weren't officially released. Which is very sad, because all of them sound amazing! Here are two of the best in my opinion. There are a lot more. Can someone please rip the entire unreleased soundtracks from DmC in original best...
  6. Exejpgwmv

    On the Devil May Cry 5 Panel Reveals [.txt to .mp3]

    Vash brings up a few the same gripes I have now: All the weapons look good, but they should probably stop with the amount of leaks and reveals. And Capcom should definitely release at least a small demo available to the public so people can get hands on.
  7. AmazingGaming

    DMC4SE: DMC5 Nero Mod W.I.P (Vainiuss1)

    Can't wait for the new updates on this one. Mod made by Vainiuss1 ~ (Scroll down to see the link)
  8. VergilNeroDante

    Devil May Cry 5 Livestream, Hottest Information and Upcoming News.

    Devil May Cry 5 Livestream With Hideaki Itsuno Coming Tomorrow; Promises “Hottest” Information If you havent seen it, here is some news for tomorrow with a Livestream from Capcom and they plan on doing something that has to deal with DMC 5, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and possibly some other...
  9. VergilNeroDante

    DMC 5 Possible Pricing, Domain Name Registered and Old News For Newcomers.

    Devil May Cry 5 Isnt Entirely Out Of The Question What are your guys thoughts on all of this?
  10. Ash

    DMC Honest Game Trailers

  11. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Raiden Mod

    Finally, the dmc4 raiden mod has finally been ported to dmc4se with a new added metal gear style gui Mod Showcase ~ Combo Video by extra shinla (Aka one of the mod creators) Mod Link ~
  12. devilwillcry

    Super Dante skin

    This is a texture mod I made today after spending almost three days looking for it online, hoping someone else had this idea before. Boy was I wrong. While I looked for the mod over the past few days, my frustration reached a point where I just said screw it and started trying to learn how to...
  13. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : DmC Dante Mod w/ Cutscenes

    Video : Mod :
  14. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Perfect DT Vergil (Fixed Normals)

    Video: Mod :
  15. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Devil Wings

    Video : Mod :
  16. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : DMC Warped - Sparda

    Video: Mod by Trev:
  17. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Frostmourne

    "Frostmourne Hungers!" MOD by Exshinla :
  18. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Red Rose Dante

  19. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Coatless DMC1 Dante Mod

    Video : Mod by Vainiuss (WIP) :
  20. Goldsickle

    We Almost Got Quick Time Events In Devil May Cry

    When Devil May Cry was still being developed as Resident Evil 4, there were actually plans for Tony/Dante to experience some "press X to not f*** up" sequences. One example can be seen in this illustrated plan. These sequences are called "Action Events" and from the looks of it, they lead to...