1. L

    Dmc 3 manga

    I just read the Manga and I have a few questions and i hope you can answer me. When Dante got bitten by adult Alice and she tried to seduce him, what did he do to her? It looked like he raped her or something? lol When he goes to the Borthrel a prostitute "welcomed" him and another said...
  2. L

    Dmc chronological Order

    Could you say all Dmc timelines in chronological order? And I also want to know about Dante how old and his height are in all the timelines. I've searched in Google but there are many different answers, so I want to be sure and ask here :)
  3. L

    Episode 5 Cindy

    I watched it again and in episode 5 when Cindy said she wants a man who is sexy, intelligence.. like Dante, do you think they had a relationship or something before? I mean it looks like she knows him well otherwise she wouldn't say such things about him or knowing his name.
  4. HouseOfKikuten

    DMC fan spinoff: I need your help!

    I'll be writing a fan spinoff of the Devil May Cry universe, therefore I'll be focusing on original characters as well as canon characters that's not Dante (at least not yet). I thought about Wattpad but I would have to rely on book covers. I'm sure I can afford to hire some artists from...
  5. Gilver18

    Your thoughts on what you'd want to see in a Devil may cry 6

    Id just like to know what all of you guys or girls are thinking, i've seen some people saying they want Nero to be evil, and well that would be interesting. I just feel like its too much cliche. Personally id love for Vergil and Dante to have to battle mundus once and for all in the underworld.
  6. NyxAcacia107

    Blue & Black Raspberry

    I saw a picture online that made me fond of its color that I made a mod of it on my own. Here is the photo Not sure what to name this. Either that or DMC5 Nero 2.0 Shirt Texture is by @GoodGoneBad http://www.mediafire.com/file/1eh02dpgibkwrmy/Blue_%2526_Black_Raspberry.tpf/file Alternatives...
  7. Exejpgwmv

    On the Devil May Cry 5 Panel Reveals [.txt to .mp3]

    Vash brings up a few the same gripes I have now: All the weapons look good, but they should probably stop with the amount of leaks and reveals. And Capcom should definitely release at least a small demo available to the public so people can get hands on.
  8. Aster

    Why is Dante getting old?

    At the beginning of DMC3 it says that it's been 2000 years since the rebellion lead by the Dark Knight Sparda. That means it's been 2000 years since he saved the human word. In a few years Eva gets pregnant and afterwards Dante and Virgil are born. So, getting back to DMC3, Dante looks like 19...
  9. Keiji

    Devil Neo Dante mod ?

    Hello people, I'm looking for the mod Devil Neo Dante, I can't find it :
  10. TheActionGamer

    What do you want to see addressed in Devil May Cry 5?

    If this game does exist and the leaks tread on grounds of substance, what would you like to see in DMC 5? Going forward I would love to see additions to the story and gameplay elements. If anyone wants to share their opinions with me, I look forward to reading all sorts of responses on here...
  11. TheActionGamer

    Nice to meet you all

    Hi, how's everyone? I look forward to sharing my love of the Devil May Cry's I enjoy playing. I have Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and I main Vergil as my character. I have both 4 and 3 on PC (with the Style Switcher Mod of course). I love playing a variety of action games such as...
  12. devilwillcry

    Super Dante skin

    This is a texture mod I made today after spending almost three days looking for it online, hoping someone else had this idea before. Boy was I wrong. While I looked for the mod over the past few days, my frustration reached a point where I just said screw it and started trying to learn how to...
  13. Ronin

    Darkstalkers 4?

    Will we ever have Darkstalkers brought back to life? Imagine Dante & Necalli as guest characters.
  14. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Red Rose Dante

  15. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Hollow Dante

  16. AmazingGaming

    All dante's appearances in MVCI

  17. AmazingGaming

    Devil May Cry 4 SE : Perfect Devil Trigger Mod

    Video : Link : http://s1.zetaboards.com/InfernalWorks/topic/8099738/1/#new Creator of the Mod : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDGc0VKevRBKuaXMFJNOTdA
  18. KtWtWiS43

    Why I Don't Need Another Devil May Cry Game

    It's been 5 years since 2012. I remember it vividly. I was in college. We were all waiting to see how DmC was going to turn out. There were alot of arguments, alot of quality discussions, and alot of worrying about the future of the franchise. Since then, I've graduated with a Bachelors, fallen...
  19. AmazingGaming

    Finally found a dragonslayer mod for dmc4se

    Welp i can't deny it's pretty good :3 Video :
  20. AmazingGaming

    Trying a Quality Test on Way of the Samurai 4

    Video : I tried to make a dante character but meh.