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I liked Homecoming. I mean it wasn’t crazy good, but I liked it. So this one is better, huh?
I saw it today and really enjoyed it - wasn't heavy so that was a nice change from all the big drama of Endgame. Still not convinced Jake Gyllenhaal is a good choice for Mysterio...
@LordOfDarkness - I thought Homecoming was pretty good too but I like this one more because of the twists and what it promises for the future.

@Angel - Really? I thought Jake was pretty good. Weird thing is I couldn't help but think how good the role of Mysterio would have suited Topher Grace's Venom performance from the Raimiverse.
To begin with, he seemed a bit... lacklustre? I dunno, just felt a little off. Will probably warm to him when I watch it again. End credits made me rage on Spiderman's behalf though..:jawdrop::nailbiting:
I guess I’ll have to see it now.

Spidey is my favourite even if he isn’t everyone else’s.
Tom Holland is by far my favourite Spiderman from the films
Yeah same here.

I thought he was awesome when I saw him in Civil War.
I didn't have big expectations since Homecoming was awful, but I was pleasantly surprised with Far From Home.
@Angel I agree. Throughout the film I wasn't seeing Mysterio. I was just seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in a cape and fishbowl helmet.
Mysterio in the Spider-Man 2 game was hella fun.
Part of me wants to see it but oh my lord that ridiculous "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can" theme I keep hearing in every ad is just the perfect repellent. LOL, it is so cringy, I can't shake the feeling the whole movie is as well, fishbowl and all.
@Foxtrot94 What?

That’s basically a classic Spider-Man theme and not sure I follow you on the fishbowl remark either.

If you like Spidey then simply watch it for that. Yeesh.