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This is similar to the James Gunn scenario except Gunn's an idiot for not deleting the receipts. This seems more like a witch hunt. Also Everything Reuben said isn't really controversial at all. It's really just opinions that don't necessarily insult MeToo or BLM but offer criticism.
I see saw it simply as different opinion as well. He seems to be the guy who thinks there is to much hatred going on in media and it should be reduced.
Rebel Dynasty
That's what I took away from it, too. Not that he was saying BLM or MeToo were bad (I know for a fact he had no problem with the latter bringing solidarity to victims of sexual assault), but that people take these movements and sensationalize them, and worse, weaponize them. Moreover, I find it ****ing reprehensible that they cherry-picked his opinions, but never bothered to cover when he was shot at. :/
@Innsmouth and they're saying they hope Capcom gets rid of him for this. :bored:
I'm gonna be ultra p***ed if they manage to preassure capcom into doing it :mad:
Yeah they better not! Otherwise it’s back to being Crapcom again for them.
Dante's Stalker
It's an article about accusations and bigotry, written by a bigot. I hope Reuben doesn't even bother responding to this junk. Nobody should give this reporter the attention he wants.
Guy believes in QAnon and UFO conspiracy theories. I certainly wouldn't miss him.
@Morgan Such pettiness. You'd be ok with a guy losing a long running working partnership just because of some silly but harmless belief he has that in no way hurts or compromises the integrity of himself and the company he works for/in or the quality of his work. Just wow.