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Rebel Dynasty
Don't worry yourself over everyone else's opinions. Like what you like, and make no apologies for it. :) (I haven't seen it yet, but I've been seeing a lot of the same with people, too. Heaven forbid anyone question the hive, right?)
We hive are never wrong, RD!
Fair enough Rebel, I'm not really making an apology for it so don't worry. It's just a lil' awkward when people talk about a scene like "Man I really hated what they did with that character" and I'm like "Well you know, I really loved that".
If you enjoyed it, don't let anyone else taint that enjoyment. Despite my own reservations about the film, I have nothing but envy for those who liked it. Keep in mind, I've spent my entire life as a Star Wars fan enjoying the prequels, and I haven't let anyone ruin that enjoyment once. Do the same and enjoy what you like.