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I agree.
I heard that there was no J Jonah Jameson, no Harry Osborne, and no love interest of any kind. Why even call it Spider-Man if you're going to remove crucial characters of Peter Parker's New York?
There wasn't even an Uncle Ben. they didn't have to show him being killed but at least show that he's relevant to Peter's choice to be a hero.
@DragonMaster2010 To be fair, lots of Spidey material has opted relegating Peter's origins (including Ben's death) off-screen. The '94 anime series, which I LOVE, had Ben's role largely off-screen because his death had already happened. Every other character and classic motif was present in the story, an advantage Homecoming chose not to have.
I guess so. Another thing is that I think the cringe comes from the fact that we're all adults, watching a teenager with powers. To other teens, Homecoming is probably a little bit easier to enjoy.