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Hey well :I its a tie between RE2 or Code Veronica X mainly because Claires the main lead :D
I'd probably agree, plus CV has Alfred Ashford! :D
Though I think I personally go with 2, I'm kinda cheating because I count 3 with 2. But I'm allowed to do that ;)
Did you play RE6?
partially, 6 has to be my least favorite and I also didn't like what they did with Chris and Sherry, I also didn't like Jakes backstory Im biased though on that because I was hoping it would have been steve y'know
Oh wow Steve would have been awesome! I was gutted when I was younger with him.
I haven't played it yet, I'm the typical sheep fan when it comes to the story and I'm not too fond of how they developed Wesker, though I do find the modern games fun and have no problem playing them.
Leons bit looked fun in RE6 but it's a shame about the bad rap so am not really sure whether to give it a go. I hear Revelations looks good though.