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I'm ok, how are you?
I've actually wrote (a very bad) page of fanfic. I'm so proud of myself. It's been years so I think it's very, well, looks like's it's written by a 12 year old XD
How are your stories coming? I think I gotta catch up on 2 new chapters of FI and all of MoL. I tried reading FI before but family keep interupting. I saw something about a poll to do with Zach. I dun know what to answer though :eek:
Instinctively I would say keep him alive 'cos I like him and he's one of my favourites but I should put that aside and really think of what would work best for your story. I'm thinking about re reading it again before I answer. I can't help it, I can't take questions like that lightly, really gotta think about them. Would you choose what the majority vote was or just take it into consideration?
Good. ^^ I'm alright, thanks. Having a hard time sleeping again, though. >_<
:O Congrats! *cheers you on* Well, at least you tried? :3 *willing to bet it's good* What's it about, if you don't mind me asking? ^^
They're coming along okay, thanks. I'm kinda stuck on FI for the moment (Marcus is being evasive) and I really can't wait to start posting MoI. (I just wish MoI's sequel was coming along better, but Reaver.... *resists urge to shake him*)
:O Wow, that's a lot. If you want to wait on MoI, I'm planning on starting posting it the first week of April.... I'm sorry about the interruptions, though. =(
Haha, yeah. ^^; I didn't know what to do with him myself, so I decided to leave it in everyone else's hands. ^^; *nods* Well...go with your gut. =) *agrees with you about not being able to take it lightly* To be honest, I planned on going with majority, but...I thought there would be more voters. ._. *still plans on going with majority, though*
(Sorry for post overload. o_o)
Post overload is good XD I hope you manage to find some sleep. Then again some of the best and strangest ideas come to me when I want to cry for lack of sleep :/
I’m sure you’ll find Marcus in the candy vault :3
It’s kinda a practise fic about Julian. Supposed to be a series of shorts with different themes so I can see what I’m better at and what I should just not try writing again XD
Julian is already starting to go OOC and turn into Dante :-O If I get back into it, I’ll start writing the more serious ideas I have.
Oh, I can’t wait to see MoL. Do you have a working title for the sequel? I hope I get wifi in my hotel so I can catch up a bit ^^
Hehe, okay. XD Thankies. Same here. @[email protected] It's weird, eh?
LOL Probably. :p The trouble is coaxing him out.
:O Cool! *wishes you luck* Will you post them when you're done? :3
Hehe, I have that problem. =( But with Reaver....
:3 I can't wait to post it, tbh. *so curious about what people will say* Yep. =) It's called Blackout. I've got a summarry posted on my Camp NaNo page, if you want to see.... :3 *also hopes* I hope your trips go well, too. ^^
Maybe I'll post them if they turn out to be readable XD Yes! I wanna see! Gimme linky? I looked at the NaNo page ages ago 'cos I thought I would be able to read some original stories but it was really confusing O_O I'm gonna try and get a few hours kip before I have to leave for the airport. Talk to you soon :)