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I wonder if the words of House Stark would change once winter is here, hehe ^^
Pein Must Kill
hahaha yeah! like "winter is here"
and then "winter is gone" :p
Aw, I can't like your reply, lol! Then "Winter is coming... AGAIN! DUN DUN DUUUUN!" Have you read the books? ^^
Pein Must Kill
hahahahahaha the dun dun duuuun killed me xD!!!!
i'm curently strugling to finish the second >.>
The second is awesome! Just finished A Feast for Crows (book 4, technically 5, lol). That was really hard work, by far the most boring. Still got A Dance with Dragons but Sherlock Holmes has taken over my life at the mo.
Pein Must Kill
are the books that far any good? i think i'll kill myself if they don't get any action scenes :S
wich serlock holmes book?