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Recent content by ZellKyou

  1. ZellKyou

    Lets Play DmC As Vergil

    Sorry if i shouldn't post this here X.x So i decided to make a lets play, after watching so many other youtube videos of Lets plays, particularly roosterteeth achievement hunter ones, and i wanted to show my friends how the new DmC DLC is, and i had noticed in videos, all the people playing as...
  2. ZellKyou

    Blue Hair Dante

    haha xD sorry im just zell kyou
  3. ZellKyou

    Blue Hair Dante

    Alrighty, well i updated the color, to not stand out as much, hope that's better xD
  4. ZellKyou

    Deadpool dante

    did anyone else think gambit from x-men when they saw dante's hair on this mod? xD Gambit outfit for dante =V lets make it happe
  5. ZellKyou

    "Virgil Inspired" Outfit

    xD well either way, i still wear this one, great job dude!
  6. ZellKyou

    Blue Hair Dante

    Well, when i saw Golden Hair Dante mod, i was lookin around for more different color hair dante mods, but didnt find any for my favorite color, blue. So i took initiative and just did my self, after a grueling minute i was done and behold, my first mod xD ;;;Download Link...
  7. ZellKyou


    Hehe awesome, reminds me of michael jacksons eyes on thriller xD
  8. ZellKyou

    Nike® Air Yeezy - DMC Edition Texture Mod

    Haha, definentley gunna use this one
  9. ZellKyou

    Darkside Dante

    Looks pretty koo! i could do without the ugly gray original one
  10. ZellKyou

    "Virgil Inspired" Outfit

    Would it be possible to make an exact replica of vergil's outfit also this is still badass
  11. ZellKyou

    Lightside Dante

  12. ZellKyou

    Neo and Classic

    Tyvm for sparring me the trouble good sir :)
  13. ZellKyou

    Dante reskin (Dark & Blue version)

    im a sucker for blue outfits
  14. ZellKyou

    Golden Hair Dante

    lol super saiyan nephilim dante
  15. ZellKyou

    Flame Dante

    thanks man! xD those pants kinda remind me of Jin's pants from tekken