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    Daniel Southworth is motivated

    More like QUANTUM POWER As a toku fan myself, it is really a great feeling to know that some actors from Power Rangers are also in the Devil May Cry franchise.
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    Full trailer for DMC4 SE

    Best of both worlds if you ask me. So I'm totally fine with that. :) New theme music perhaps?
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    Let's talk about the Tokusatsu genre

    Best Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider series. EVER.
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    Full trailer for DMC4 SE

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for this. Vergil is back... yet they included some moves from DmC. Very nice if you ask me.
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    DmC Definitive Edition for PS4 & Xbox One

    Be it PS4 or XBoxOne, please I wanna play this game. Too bad I didn't finish Vergil's Downfall, though.... Hoping that DmCDE will take the icing of the cake for me. ;)
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    So I worked on DmC...

    Thanks for the answers. But here are some clarifications: What I mean for 'alternate route' is a different direction for the game (both DmC and Vergil's Downfall). I want to add something: You said that Vergil "killing" Hollow Kat is more killing his part of himself. What about Hollow Dante...
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    So I worked on DmC...

    Yay, it's great to be back!! BTW, I have a LOT of questions: 1. What's the difference on being part of DmC (the main game) and directing Vergil's Downfall (DLC)? 2. Does your team had a hand in other media (particularly the prequel comic)? 3. What I love about DmC is about Vergil's...
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    Favourite song from the Devil May Cry franchise (classic/reboot/anime)?

    This can make you a badass. Also my favorite: And I love these tracks: Also, this is my fave for DmC Vergil:
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    Could Donte be cursed?

    I want to request this thread for deletion since its purpose is nothing but flame bait.
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    MY Version of DMC4

    This is far more acceptable than the final product. At least Dante here acts like the DMC1 version, which he was supposed to be.
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    Could Donte be cursed?

    I just did. :D Anyways, the title of this thread is misleading. It seems the OP wants to incite a flame war. Also, DmC Dante is perfectly effect more than Donte because it's more like childish and immature. And branding DmC Dante as "gritty, dumbed down, fake" is just zero freakin' sense. It...
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    Could Donte be cursed?

    It shows that he's an immature punk, as seen in his comments. In other words, a TROLL. Are you from /v/? Scumbags from /v/ don't belong here. You just want to TROLL and turn this community into a mess. Also, thanks for the lies. I appreciate that you're a miserable lowlife. Reported.
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    WHY do you want a DMC5 for?

    Off-topic: Fact is Fairy Tail wasn't cancelled. It went on hiatus since it got close to the manga so they need more time. At least there is an OVA 5 release. Anyways, the current arc is good. Wow, what a total whinefest this is. For the fanbase, he was some sort of an 'icon', but for the...
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    Dante (DmC) vs. Nero

    LAWL, I really love seeing people who whine, bitch, and even moan. Worse, taking things out of context. Just wanna quote this for people who loves to bring death threats like you. Lemme quote what nightrunner_ks said: Please set your priorities for once.
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    Mrrandomlulz'z HALL OF SHAME

    Speaking of Wanted, I've watched some bits of the film version, but I found out that it based from a comic written by Mark Millar. Man, I love the guy, along with Ed Brubaker; the best comic book writers of this generation (since both of them made Captain America an awesome character again)...