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Recent content by Yamato666

  1. Yamato666

    My opinion; either a DmC2 or no more DMC games!

    Regardless of the success of this new DmC, I feel it would be too strange to go back to DMC5. Capcom invested a lot in this reboot. I would LOVE to see a DMC5, we all would lol. But at this juncture, I don't think it would do well. It would confuse a lot of people having a DMC5 after a reboot...
  2. Yamato666

    DmC's Control Scheme

    I actually enjoy the newer control scheme. I do agree about the grips clinging to the wrong enemy and the lack of lock on as you have to be accurate with any Stinger like moves.
  3. Yamato666

    DmC Theories

    Honestly, I love the new series. It's divergent enough to completely stand apart from the OG series and also contains nostalgia that us seasoned fans can appreciate. I was skeptical at first of the game but after the playthrough I am more then pleased to say I am looking forward to the next one...