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Recent content by windleopard

  1. windleopard

    Vergil's Awakening

    This was a well-thought experiment. Good job to Champion Analysis.
  2. windleopard

    Fancast your choice for voice actors for the animated series

    Let's assume they don't use the voice actors from the games for the animated series (and assume that will ever get made). Who would you like to see voicing the characters? My choices Crispin Freeman as Dante Grey DeLisle as Trish Kelly Hu as Lady Khary Payton as Vergil Stephen Yeun as Nero...
  3. windleopard

    How Devil May Cry to be adapted in The CW?

    Don't forget love triangles. Oh, those wonderful love triangles. :) The funny thing is, I still end up fancasting plenty of CW actors as DMC characters.
  4. windleopard

    New characters for DMC6

    Yeah, something like that.
  5. windleopard

    New characters for DMC6

    How about a guy who fights with a magic violin?
  6. windleopard

    Nero's mother and who she might be

    Mundus was never presumed dead and he hasn't been seen since DMC 1. Vergil coming back does not mean Sparda is still alive or that he will come back. I honest to God don't know if you're trolling at this point. And I never said it was before he met Eva. What the hell are you talking about...
  7. windleopard

    Sparda being a "deadbeat"

    The DMC wiki states that it's both.
  8. windleopard

    Dante Killing Humans

    In that episode, he mentioned that he had heard rumors of people being killed in that bar. So it seems likely he investigated and found out they were actually demons rather than immediately sensing they were demons. And Nero being Vergil's son was obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain.
  9. windleopard

    Sparda being a "deadbeat"

    Where exactly did this idea that Sparda just abandoned Eva and the twins to fend for themselves come from? Not only does the the intro to the first game make it clear Sparda isn't around because he died but . So where did "Sparda the deadbeat" come from?
  10. windleopard

    Nero's mother and who she might be

    What? Why would it even imply that? No it doesn't. The question of "what happened to Sparda?" has been answered. You're just creating wild theories to prove your head canon that Sparda abandoned his children despite evidence to the contrary. There is no if about it. He is outright stated to be...
  11. windleopard

    Nero's mother and who she might be

    He wasn't in the building because he was dead. The opening for DMC 1 states this outright. And where was it stated Mundus personally went to kill Eva and the twins himself? There is nothing in any of the games to even imply Sparda left Eva and their sons alone. I have no idea where this...
  12. windleopard

    Nero's mother and who she might be

    It's implied he didn't know he had a son to begin with.
  13. windleopard

    Nero's mother and who she might be

    No he didn't. Sparda was in his kids' lives up until his death.