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    Which Of These Directions For A Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry Crossover Would You Like?

    * A hack and slash game were only Ryu and Dante are playable. - Dante's game play emphasizes style points and crazy combos while Ryu is more methodical and fast in his approach not unlike Vergil. * A fighting game featuring all characters who have been playable in both game series and some...
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    Upgrade Vergil's arsenal & playstyle?

    If Dan Southworth does the motion capture for Vergil, he could use some of the martial arts he practices like jeet kune do or kenpo.
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    Ideas for a Devil May Cry 6?

    I don't know if any game has ever done this, but I would be interested in an anthology game with different sections or campaigns for differnet characters both new and old. I think DMC can handle rotating protagonists like Castlevania and Resident Evil.
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    Where There Really People Who Wanted Trish To Be Playable In The First Game?

    I've twice heard about people wanting Trish to be playable in DMC 1, once in the DMC tv tropes page and another in a recent video about DMC 2. Can anyone who has been in the fandom long enough confirm this? Was there really an audience for Trish being playable in DMC 1?
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    Create your own Devil Hunters/Huntresses for DMC6 & future DMCs

    Didn't really give it much thought. For Bast, I guess just have her in distinct white clothing like Lucia's scarf or the white outfit Trish wore in her Gloria disguise. She'd be depicted by a black model and have an Afro-Caribbean accent. Shane would have a jeans jacket. Serene would have a...
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    Create your own Devil Hunters/Huntresses for DMC6 & future DMCs

    Bast - A demon-human hybrid from the Vie de Marli guardians clan. Her devil trigger is feline-themed, befitting someone named after the Egyptians cat goddess. She fights unarmed except for her natural claws which can cut through anything and can fire energy blasts from either her mouth or eyes...
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    How Vergil can earn his own Devil Sword?

    I'm thinking of something involving the Perfect Amulet.
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    Future of DMC thread

    I'm surprised that after all these years, no one has pointed out the similarities between Mistral and Lucia. As for new enemies, I've been thinking of maybe other demon human hybrids. I don't think Sparda was the only demon who fell for a human.
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    Upgrading Vergil, Trish & Lady for if a DMC5: SE's made

    * Vergil could maybe inherit the Dopplganger system from Dante (he does use a similar ability in his fight with Nero in 5). I don't know what other weapons he could use. * Alastor and/or Nevan would be fitting for Trish. Apparently, Dante pawned them off to pay his debts but I suppose Trish...
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    Relatively unpopular opinions about any and everything

    Well the actress who just got cast as Ariel is a singer and considered a good one by many.
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    Relatively unpopular opinions about any and everything

    *Superhero fans are way too anal about killing vs not killing. *Whining about things being too dark and edgy is a bigger cliche than making things be dark and edgy. *Mortal Kombat might have the best storytelling of any fighting game franchise but improvements still need to be made.
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    Ideas for a Devil May Cry 6?

    My own ideas. A game starring Trish and Lady taking on various jobs to keep the DMC building open. Since Mundus is still around, he could serve as a possible villain for them. Nero and Lucia teaming up to fight remnants of the Order of the Sword who are trying to complete Sanctus’ work. Lucia...
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    Ideas for a Devil May Cry 6?

    Nice. There is a lot of good to get from this. How does Lucia react to Nero? What does Nero think of an artificial demon who turned good? And we get another badass normal in form of Beryl.
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    Ideas for a Devil May Cry 6?

    It would depend on how powerful it was. If it is more powerful than the stuff that gave Captain America his powers, it would certainly work. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue had technology developed by normal humans to kill demons. And humans in DMC have been hinted to be a lot more powerful...
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    Vergil as DLC or Special Edition?

    Eh, pitting Vergil against Ninja Theory Vergil just seems like attracting unnecessary drama.