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Recent content by VergilReborn

  1. VergilReborn

    V Paving the Way for Tag Combat?

    I fantasize over a split-screen play for 2 players, even if temporary. It'd be a miraculous addition!!
  2. VergilReborn

    V Paving the Way for Tag Combat?

    I'm rather intrigued! I believe you're onto something... I'm, additionally, in hopes there could be an additional 2 players swap setting, i.e., like in the Resident Evil 5 & 6 games. Since the DMC game series are strictly 1 player, it'd be extravagant to add a 2 player choice but only for...
  3. VergilReborn

    What Are You Thinking?

    My thoughts are analytical, contemplating life's complexity & the beyond. My brain works not systematically, but rather similar to the equation of Pi!!! Trying to make Fibonacci pattern sequences of my complicated thoughts can be rather futile... however, I need to stay on course & not become...
  4. VergilReborn

    Astrological Consideration

    These are sporadic & incorrect, unless they're sincerely just an estimated guess... if the twins were 18 in 1994, they'd have been born in 1976. However, if they were 35 in 2013, they'd be born in the year 1978!!!
  5. VergilReborn

    Astrological Consideration

    Intriguing... However, what years do you suppose the 3 were born in?
  6. VergilReborn

    Astrological Consideration

    So, apparently, the Sparda twins, Sparda, & Eva are without a birth year, never mind a birthdate! No one even knows their exact ages either. This also goes for Nero... For intrigue while searching for the facts, if there be any, what would you consider the twins's zodiac signs & why? Any takes...
  7. VergilReborn

    Vergil as DLC or Special Edition?

    I have a deep preference to see him even more refined, if that can even be achieved! He's so high class already that visualizing him otherwise feels rather awkward IMO! LOL
  8. VergilReborn

    The One in Blue Revived Me with the Golden Orb!

    Greetings. I'm VergilReborn & have been reborn since DMC 5. Forever & immortal shall I remain in the series of the DMC video games. (!) In all seriousness, I've been a fan of this miraculous series since 2012. I was indirectly introduced from an ex pal, whom we lost touch with each other over...