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Recent content by Vauxchen

  1. Vauxchen

    What Are You Listening To? (Updated)

    The Canadian immigration centre's 'on hold' music. Yay phone calls...
  2. Vauxchen

    Ask the Staff Anything

    Oh good God no! I used to love this forum, it's given me some awesome memories and a couple of good friends. I could never take forum funding back. I just hope that the issue can be resolved soon. Would there be any way to access this email other than through the webmail thing, or my linked...
  3. Vauxchen

    Ask the Staff Anything

    Gmail's throwing an error out to me that my DMC email account has an authentication error. AFAIK my password hasn't been changed. 'Mail from this account has not been retrieved since 2 Jun.' is what I'm getting. Anything I should be doing?
  4. Vauxchen

    Ask the Staff Anything

    What was the idea behind changing from forums.devilmaycry.org to just devilmaycry.org? How're the little ones doing Sharon/Steve?
  5. Vauxchen

    What are you watching right now?

    Bjergsen play league of legends
  6. Vauxchen

    What Mood Are You In?

    Nostalgic being back here.
  7. Vauxchen

    Ask the Staff Anything

    What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  8. Vauxchen

    Signs of a dying laptop?

    Could do a clean install/clean up of your PC to speed things up, but it is starting to die by the sounds of it. Clean out what you don't need and defrag the hard drive, see how much it helps. If it helps a lot, good news, if it doesn't then it's dying a bit quicker.
  9. Vauxchen

    Win a copy of the Devil May Cry HD Collection game (Xbox 360)

    What's the closing date on these?
  10. Vauxchen

    What Are You Listening To? (Updated)

    Dan Carlin talking about the Spartan/Persian war
  11. Vauxchen

    Ask the Staff Anything

    What would you like for Christmas? Also, planning any new year resolutions?
  12. Vauxchen


    Yes I was. Yay for being remembered! :D :P
  13. Vauxchen


    Wow!! Welcome back Tony!! You may remember me as Arkham, I think. Awesome to see you back!! ^_^
  14. Vauxchen

    Steam Hacked

    Apparently, it's fake according to this: http://i.imgur.com/LW44c.png. But it wouldn't hurt to change your password anyway. As mentioned earlier, Valve are very open about this, and it puts faith in them that they are. I believe that Gabe actually responds to all the emails he gets, rather than...
  15. Vauxchen

    The Walking Dead Returns

    Looks like I've found something to do during the half term next week. Get around to re-watching all of the first season. Any idea what time/channel it'll be airing on/at? c5 9pm Wednesday??