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  • Im from Lithuania :lol: not a big country to be precise :lol: . There aren't that kind of stores i think so i don't think i will find any good new games for cheap prices heck i might even say that Devil May Cry 3 special edition costs here 77$ pretty much retarded prices. That's why i usually prefer buying on internet but if the package weights alot you get a big big bill with taxes and a sum with two digits if it's price is atleast 40$
    Well i used to play warcraft 2 but didin't finish it i finished warcraft 3 though.I like strategy games action-adventure sorts. Role-playing. Simulation. Heck even sports games :D
    Don't know really. I heard about Time Shift from my friend,said it was great. Never really played Unreal games or all of that. Actually i like most of them but i got abit bored of first-person shooting
    Hey dude what's up? :D. Sorry for the long write :D i wanted to ask something,what kind of games do you play? Got any recommendations for an amateur like me? :D
    Yeah same with me :D i actually don't usually listen the same one genre. Hey what do you think about House and Electro? :D
    cool,i think im goona check out thoose two songs :D by meaning randoms stuff youm meant like classic and groovy? XDD
    Oh i see so you like metal? :D I used to listen to nightwish but i stopped later listening. I still remember old songs like amaranth,Creek mary's blood,planet hell,the reckoning and etc :lol:
    Oh i see... I will watch it when i have the time,even though i wasn't interested about it at first,anyways i saw many people are interested about it,but since now i got the Dmc anniversary pack im going to try pass all of the games. 1 down 2 left to go :lol: oh and bdw what kind of music do you listen to? :D
    Hey V, what's up? I know, it's been like forever. I haven't really been online anywhere lately. I know, I actually CAN live without the internet... Well, take away the connection and I can't play online, so actually I'm still very dependent on it. Anyway, I'm contradicting myself and rambling. How are you?
    Right... What is FMA about? :D i think im goona try watching Death Note still sad that it's 25 episodes only.
    Everyone seems to like FMA just like Death note :lol: never watched it though so i wouldn't know i guess :lol:
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