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  • Woah that's pretty much,tbh im not that good with math ir physics didin't know there's religious study exam though, heh what makes up for me having tests soon is that after all that i can enjoy 3 full months of vacation with a drink in my hands wearing shorts and lying on the beach :D
    AH dude you have a pretty long vacation,that's something you can envy :p ,so i guess your goona have to focus on the exams. So what topics will you take? (sorry don't know if it's the right word)
    Well my vacation was a total full of randomness... Though it had some positive effect,i got bored of using thy computer :D,Sad it was that short though the vacation that is.so have you had exams already?
    Heh XD,im kinda goona do the same and since the snow is gone i go cycling :D,so how long is your vacation? Mine is one week :/
    That's good to know, i've been better i guess,tests are coming up and so,less time pops up to visit this place,although vacation is coming so that's a relief ^_^
    True,happens to all of us,i used to get bored of the forums and want to leave for a while,but i don't see any reason to post it at introduction or goodbyes section due to me not knowing most people (didin't do an introduction when joined). It was pretty cool, i didin't celebrate it though,didin't feel like it,im planning a birthday party next year though :). So how have you been holding up?
    Hi. Thanks for offereing me help with the Japanese thing on the thread. I've just got no idea where to start. I figured that if i could match up symbols it would be quite simple...
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