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  • Here's to hoping that TGS 2014 will be when Capcom, Namco and Square actually give us something to chew on.
    I'll have to sink my sorrows in GOW:Ascension Beta for at least a week before I can get to play DmC! Gonna get it PSN.
    Where is the best site to stream Anime? I'm so frustrated right now. All the sites I've found so far are crap!
    I always get super pumped when new DmC info drops. It's almost ...orgasmic! TMI? LOL
    Come on NT, give us a little more info already. Gameplay, artwork anything!
    I wanted to see if I could finally finish FFXII this weekend but so far things aren't looking too good for that idea?
    Since Legend of Korra is so awesome, I decided to catch up with TLA since I didn't watch it all the way through. So far, its awesome-sauce!
    I'm more of a Batman kinda guy but "Superman vs the Elite" looks awesome. I gotta check it out.
    dude awesome sig! :)
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    yes it is :)
    i just started it since it started coming on toonami, but so far i'm loving it. :)
    Oh yeah, I forgot they said that was apart of the new line-up. Don't have that Cartoon Network here in Jamaica, just a Spanish version. It sucks a**...most of the time anyways.
    dang that sucks man :p well if you have netflix i know it's on there.
    Weapon of choice, Beowulf! Sparda brother of choice, Virgil. This reboot hawkens his return in a very big way. Hail his return!
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