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Recent content by Tonysonic

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    Can somebody make a nude patch for DMC 5?

    People are free to request what they want, we are in a free world ...
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    Can somebody make a nude patch for DMC 5?

    Too bad ...We would have to redo all his legs and else ...
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    Combo Video using the "Shirtless" Son of Sparda costume by SamD

    You think we can play the shirtless Dante on Vergil DLC ? Isaw your video ... I am interested ... :-)
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    Dante "Shirtless" Son of Sparda W/ Hair by SamD

    Just Awesome ! thanks for all your mods !
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    Can somebody make a nude patch for DMC 5?

    Well a swinwear mod would be cool too if no nude mod can be done ...
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    So whatever happened TGS DmC ?

    I think the new dante is a lot cooler than all the other Dante in DMC DMC 2 OR DMC3 or DMC4 I like the new look, really ...
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    Shirtless Dante in action (Video Inside)

    Playing a cool shirtless Dante instead of Vergil, can't wait for your MOD ... :P
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    Shirtless Darkslayer Dante (Pictures + Video for the Fangirls)

    We love you Dante ! LOL Can't wait to see more of your work OpressW
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    Ladies and Gents, Shirtless Dante, I figured it out! (Pictures Inside)

    awesome work, next, Dante in swimsuit ! :-)
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    Dante “Shirtless” Son of Sparda Mod by SamD

    Just Awesome work ! Need more variation of this shirtless dante ... with hair, tatoos or beard !