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  • I see that Beenox has released a Developer Walkthrough for Spider-Man 2 Game, Check it Out, Also, it has your favorite alternate costume C:, Spider-Man 2099 :p
    Yo ToCool74
    Check out my Topic on RE fORUMS
    Got some juicy details for you there
    Bout Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game
    Hi are you doing? Still a DmC skeptic?
    hey whats up? me, i'm just fine. And as far as being a DmC Skeptic, I guess that really does not apply now since the game is out, but if your asking do I like the game yes, but do I think its a better replacement for the old series than no.
    Cant seem to discuss something without being accused of bad mouthing DmC, and having people flood this discussion with irelevant stuff.
    yea, sadly some people are like that around here. best to report it as flamebait and walk away.
    Re Poo Dante? LOL
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    Yea, Sig is pretty old, made it when the first trailer first came out and everyone was freaking out over it lol.
    Cabbage Detective
    i find that funny actually lol
    Thanks, although it has rubbed people who like DmC around here the wrong way in the past lol.
    Btw Man, did you play the The Amazing Spider-Man Game ? :p
    yea I heard about it, kinda mixed feelings towards it really. For 1, as you mentioned Rocksteady is said to not be returnign to develop it. and also, Mark Hamil who voices the joker also said that Arkham city would be his last time voicing joker which means that Joker will either not be in it or they will choose a new voice actor, both options of which don't set well with me.
    yeah, speakin' of spidey again I think Beenox has a good amount of two years in order to tweak and refine the forumla they set up in ASM like how treyarch did it in two years with SM2, tho it will only happen when beenox uses their FULL team and only if ****tivision doesnt decide to throw another game on our asses this year which will rush beenox's ASM2 and ruin the potential
    Hey Man ! Need a Little help with Arkham City, Where do I find the Sniper-Bullet fired ? I can't find it :(
    Man I'm seriously sorry for the way some of the people are acting towards you in the thread. Going so low as to insult you, it disappoints me.
    I know, Its just such a shame that not all the supporters can be like you dude. your always respectful, but apparently that is to much to ask from others. I have reported him to the staff, hopefully they get on soon and do something about this.
    Well thank you for the compliment and as I wish more skeptics would be like you, willing to give the game a chance. I actually reported him as well because there was no reason to insult you at all.
    They made a Manga of a continuation of Inuyasha??!!
    Sparda's rejected son
    Cool. I gotta check this out.
    which one? the manga or the anime final act? because I would recommend the reading the manga first since it had a lot more material that was missing from the 26 episodes of final act.
    Sparda's rejected son
    Mostly likely I'll see the anime first before the Manga. Unless I can buy the manga in full at the store or online.
    Hey man, It's Dragonmaster.
    I just wanted to say sorry about that mess at that one forum. I was acting like an ass, and that's not me. Guess I was all mad about something. (That or my deprivity of hamburgers.) anyway, I'm really sorry about that.
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