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    Someone actually playing this game?

    I'm currently playing Devil May Cry HD on X360, first time. Have finished it before and beaten DMC3 on all difficulties, it's still a challenge sometimes. Particularly with the Shadow enemies, others are pretty easy to beat if you avoid their attack spams. Seriously, Shadow is the toughest...
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    Devil May Cry 3 Walkthrough [HD, ver. 1.3, keyboard, all blue orbs]

    Yeah, I've figured that out. The format and quality are really good, but there's something wrong with the driver, perhaps. Either way, it's still highly playable for me.
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    Devil May Cry 3 Walkthrough [HD, ver. 1.3, keyboard, all blue orbs]

    Hello everyone! I'd like to present my own HD walkthrough, made on the patched PC version of the game for much better visuals. I never used a gamepad for the game, so blazed with a keyboard instead. The difficulty is Normal, Yellow, the hardest available at the very beginning of the Special...
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    Devil May Cry 3 HD Review (PS3)

    Awesome game, have no complaints about anything, except that the rendered movies aren't remastered in HD.
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    The Great Escape

    Part 9: & FINAL PART: That's it! :)
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    The Great Escape

    Part 8 (new!) On The Run!
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    What was your weirdest Video Game Glitch

    Well Mafia 1, the game, has several quite hilarious bugs. With Mafia being my (first?) best game of all time, let me show you some (3 out of 200 uploaded) videos I've made: <- this is not really a bug, still brilliant. <- You have to watch closely at the main character's (the guy's with...
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    The Great Escape

    Naaaah, they're totally different games :)
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    Are you Extcited about dmc 3 included in the HD collection? :D

    And you're seriously asking? Of course I'm excited!! Probably the games I'm waiting for the most.
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    Resi 6: Leon: are Capcom getting lazy?

    RE6 Leon = DMC4 Dante. RE6 Leon has a beard like DMC4 Dante (thus making them look more mature), also same eyes, similar hairstyle. I, TBH, don't like the beard. Make RE6 Leon look like RE4 Leon! But no... they make Leon look like Sawyer from LOST!