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  • "Can't wait 'till I get my hands on some sweet 'Umbrella Corps' action" - said no gamer, ever!
    Can't wait till I get my hands on some sweet Umbrella Corps action!

    Now I said it. Boom.
    Crossing my fingers for new Splinter Cell game announcement in upcoming Ubisoft conference. I also hope it's a reboot.
    I'm crossing my fingers for a Prince of Persia.
    Was about to get real hyped for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and then I remembered that it's a Ubisoft game.
    I'm real tired of Disney fans wanting to make their fanfictions a reality. Captain America is not gay. Period.
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    It's the same with fanatics in all bases. Even if the rigid confines of the canon outright prevent the possibility of Cap being gay, there's some Tumblrina out there who'll run on the logic that "he isn't straight unless he says he is"...you know, in spite of there being dialogue motif about "the right partner" in the first film, and how it turns out to be Peggy.
    i wonder why they don't demand for nick fury..
    but it's "progressive" you see...(not)
    Guessing from your avatar you're a fan of Splinter Cell?
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    It's amazing to see how involved he got in his role, especially during a time when videogames weren't taken as seriously as they're taken now.
    Yeah I remember an interview where he said that, I think. Maybe that involvement is what made him burnt out, who knows. Gotta say though, Eric Johnson also seems pretty involved. He takes great care of how he portrays Fisher in mocap. The result really shows.
    Yeah, Eric's investment and enthusiasm about it all is admirable, but that doesn't change the fact he's miscast. Not to say it's his fault. I actually blame Ubisoft for that. If they wanted a younger actor to mo-cap Sam, then they could have used Troy Baker. He's fit and has a penchant for altering his voice beyond recognition.
    The universal answer to all of your questions is widely believed to be the phrase 'stenchpenis'. Learn to value it, guys!
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    @Teal @LordOfDarkness

    If you're looking for realistic heroes, there's this one flick called boy wonder.

    Have you watched it? If not, that's what I'd recommend.
    @Rogers, looks good, but I just can't wait for Ubisoft get their heads out of their French-Canadian asses and make that live-action movie with Tom Hardy. Fan creations are lovely, especially Splinter Cell: Extinction, but they just don't have the necessary budget. And I hope his goggles don't glow in the film.
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