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  • Oy, well, Sunday is my last day online with the PS3 before I got to go back home. My internet is still off. But I'll see you around at DMC.org though, considering I go to the school library frequently.
    My cousin wanted to use my PS3 right now, thats why I couldnt play Mercenaries with you. Tommorow I will definately play you. Hit me up k?
    Yeah it sucks, I got the fabled yellow light lol. I'll be getting it sorted as soon as possible but I just thought I'd let you know what was going on
    The versus DLC looks pretty good, sucks that they didn't include it in the game though instead of making us pay for it but I'll likely still buy it anyways lol
    Hey man, doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to play any RE5 with you for a while. My PS3 died on me and as I'm out of warranty its gonna cost a fortune to get fixed so dunno when I'll be able to afford to fix it.
    But on a more positive note did you hear about the new RE5 online modes that were leaked, sounds like some pretty fun stuff
    Will be shortly, been playing Fallout Tactics all night, so I've not been very active, but yeah, I'll be online in a sec.
    Tis indeed, not a bad series actually, the spin-offs/prequels sucked though.
    Yep, only 16, you say it like you're surprised. :laugh:
    Mmm, well, I wish you luck with yours then.
    Goodo, just got your add request now. :)
    For a while, only recently felt the compulsio to create a new signature to be honest, so I went with something a little different, but yeah, I've been into DBZ for a while.
    Ah, fair enough, I've got a couple of my mocks tomorrow, not sure when my English one will be, probably in February like you.
    Oh, did you get my new MSN?
    Son, san, it's irrelevant to me, I've seen both used multiple times.
    Not a great deal really, just sort of organising my notes for my A-Level stuff so I can actually get round to revising for my mock exams, you?
    Well we've been talking at each other, yet not actually saying hi :laugh:

    Ah, how convenient :) Stay safe, and whatnot :)
    I'll be damned :P

    Peace, love and harmony. Don't object to the good things, but the bad things. Pirates and ninjas together will rule :P
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