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  • I was over my brothers house this weekend and as of this moment I'm at the school library.
    Man I need to get back online!

    I heard that there was a VS multiplayer mode for RE5. Is it true?
    Save to get a car and my own place, then later would prolly go to some trade school or something.
    I think War of the Lions sounds up my street, I enjoy tactics and strategy. I'll have to get that one first.
    In other news my PS1 memory card finally arrived. lol PS2 probably be pleased of the rest. I still have my launch PS2, don't make consoles like that anymore. I've went through 2 PS3s.
    So how far are you into RE3. I have to say the only RE games I've played are 1 and 4. Always meant to look into the other ones though
    It is!
    I just took down my whole "Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann" theme I had going on here though.
    Well MGS, ff7 and ff8 have finally arrived. I'm having a blast replaying MGS although I'm now half way through and have realised I don't have a PS1 memory card lol, so now I've had to order one and can't knock the PS2 off till it arrives cos I don't fancy having to do it all again. Had a damn hard time beating the Hind for some reason :laugh:
    Yeah I have a PSP, I'll see if I'm able to find them games cheap anywhere, if not which of the 3 would you say I get first?
    Soon as I get a new PS3 RE5 will be the first game I pick up ;).
    I'm trying to pick up FFVIII as well but after watching advent children and playing crisis core I'm more interested into getting back into the FFVII universe. You a big FF fan? Which game would you reccomend?
    I've also finally managed to find a cheap copy of MGS1 so that should arrive soon. No idea what happened to my copy though. Anyway, yeah I'll be sure to get on here more often from now on. Good talking with ya man ^_^
    Hell yeah SF4 is good!

    The theme song is one of the best parts too.
    Looking up hentai and practicing my skills in Street Fighter IV. ****ing sucks that I got school in 1 1/2 days though.
    I only have access to internet if I at school or over my brother house. And right now I'm out of school due to spring break. But whats been happening though.
    Hey man,
    I've actually sold my PS3 on through ebay, got 102 quid for it listed as faulty. I get payed around the end of the month time so I'll probably pick up a new 40gb model. I have to say though that it breaking has given me a chance to catch up on all those old PS2 games that I started and left gathering dust :laugh:. I'm near the end of FFX after which I'm planning to play through silent hill 2. Trying to pick up a copy of FFVII somewhere as well.
    So hows things with you?
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