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    Here's the Song, Folks.

    I like it. Better then the Original Dante Theme. But to be fair the music in Devil May Cry 1 -4 and DmC was better. I can live with it.
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    News and Updates (No Personal Posts)

    NYCC Panel again in great quality
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    DMC5 Loadouts

    I'm not that combo type. So only 2 melee weapon. 1 strong short range , 1 long range weapon. Pistols and obviously granade launcher or something else.
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    Dante or Nero?

    Dante. Because of his weapons. Also I want to see how his part and history ends.
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    Next Weapon return *Spoiler *

    Next time your faster ;) just luck
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    News and Updates (No Personal Posts)

    The hype gets real. Waiting for Comic Con. New Spoiler.
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    Next Weapon return *Spoiler *

    Hello, new Spoiler for Dante. An old favorite weapon returns. Look like Ceberus has two modes. Very interesting. Your thoughts?
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    So it is good or bad that they are already finished 75 percent?. Dont want a speed finished game like DMC4 with problems of backtracking because of this. Has Anyone experience ?
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    Devil Breaker's Cartridges.

    Yeah I dont like the idea too. If that is the case you could use ammo for the guns too. But Im sure at the end you get Devil Breaker which are unbreakable ;). For me the System of fragile weapons arms etc. Dont belong in those genre of games. For Skyrim more realistic and wider worlds etc its...
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    Dmc 5 is here. Lets speculate :)

    It also looks like this charakter on the poster have lots of Vergil. Maybe its a real reincarnation from him.
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    Your reaction to the DMC5 reveal

    Most people first was shoked because they think Nero was DmC Dante or even Dante. For me it was so clear that it was Nero. Not because of the leaks. I just feel it. The only thing I didnt like was. Oh he uses Red Queen again. Seriously? No new weapon for him? The arm is cool but really no new...
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    Why You Should Be Hyped For Devil May Cry 5

    I think to be hyped is the right way for me. I trust Capcom. Im hyped because Im sure they have learned from the past problems of Devil May Cry 4. (Not the best Story telling for Dante and massive backtracking ) And as you said, there is a lot of Story and secrets left. Dante story isnt finished...
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    New weapons for Dante & Vergil?

    I really want a spear or a staff. Like in Ninja Gaiden. A really like wide ranged weapon. Thats why my Name is SwordofSparda ;). Best weapon ever.
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    Deaths in Devil May Cry 5?

    So do you think one of "the good " people should die? Unexpected like in Game of Thrones ? I absolutely love the idea of Dante dying in Devil May Cry 5. Its the last chapter for the Sons of Sparda Story that would be the perfect way for passing the torch and make a cut. I love Dante but...
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    Collection Pics

    Hey guys I have an interesting idea. So here are some hardcore fans that may have a wohle collection of devil may cry or even a shrine. I you want to show it to us. I think lot of people want to see it.