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  • ah! hell steve-sama ^^ would you be so kind as to go to my charity thread in the General Discussion?
    its for a good cause and i figure if the webmaster posted there it would influnce the others greatly to help with the cause.

    and on the flip side not only does the site give away food it helps people learn!
    How exactly is the Ranking system done... It says I'm a Devil Corporal and no one's ranks (even with the same amount of posts) are the same...
    Yeah, bad isn't it? But seeing as I have been there for 5 years I'm sure I can get through it somehow.

    :O You'd leave everyone behind just to go to Rainy Scarborough? -___- My rooms nice, you have my old one:lol: You might have to only bring your clothes:p
    Thanks man:) Yeah, I'm like when I have the flu or something:p Cheers again^_^

    I'm glad I managed to get on but with my work disappearing and my back I'm now 2-3 Months behind everyone else:( If you're willing to move to scarborough, maybe:lol:
    is there more to come ? i hope so ! i love this place even more now ! :) add rep to yourself from me
    i can see the secret thing u were working on....... the new tag things are cool ....
    r u sticking around more than ..... or do u spend time on one forum for 4 days and then another forum for 4 days etc ..... like a routine
    I'm great, except that I've had a bad back for almost 2 I've ended up missing college, which I'm really not happy about but what can ya do? Oh, as you can tell I managed to get on the Graphic and Media design course ^_^
    I'm doing well thanks:lol:

    It took you hours to respond so you must be busy.:D

    Oh, Angel says that if the zombies invade she will eat you to survive.:lol:
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