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Recent content by SpawnShooter

  1. SpawnShooter

    DMC5 - Post Your Videos! (SPOILERS)

    Fun little loop here, can also be used to catch mid-air enemies :)
  2. SpawnShooter

    What Are You Thinking?

    Can't believe this thread is still going! Well, in keeping with tradition ;) I'm shooting off for the night, hope you all have a nice day/eve :D
  3. SpawnShooter

    "It's been over a year since we last met, where does the time go?"

    Thanks Lorddemolatron, good to see you again! ^_^
  4. SpawnShooter

    "It's been over a year since we last met, where does the time go?"

    I'm good thank you mate, had to focus on career things etc over the last few years so not really been able to DMC it up (with everything stagnating in the series as well, of course!) But it's good to say hi again, nice to see some familiar faces around! ^_^ Looking forward to speaking to Meg...
  5. SpawnShooter

    DMCV Demo Combo Tools/Tricks

    I was trying out some of Nero's old mechanics in the demo (can't wait to get my hands on Dante!) and came across a few little things that may prove useful in people's combos. This is obviously not a combo vid but just some things people may have some fun trying out, I need to practice more with...
  6. SpawnShooter

    "It's been over a year since we last met, where does the time go?"

    Hey everyone how we all doin'? it's been a while! :D Hope we're all excited for DMCV, this party's getting crazy!
  7. SpawnShooter

    Shooting on

    Hey everyone, after a great three years of being a member I think the time has come for me to take my leave. I don't post too often anymore and feel a bit of a disconnect between myself and a lot of the other members on the forum, I feel no disdain about this or towards anyone here I just feel...
  8. SpawnShooter

    WTF BLITZ!?!?

    The "Just-Frame fully-charged, Distorted Straight" (don't even know if you'd call it that) is a Gilgamesh move (Straight) if you Distort and Just Frame the second charge. Apart from a Distorted Release (fully charged) it's the most powerful move in the game, Apart from shooting in mid-air...
  9. SpawnShooter

    WTF BLITZ!?!?

    With Dante you can also perform a Just-Frame fully-charged, Distorted Straight to take away their shields but yeeeeah, I'd stick with the other methods! Also with the briefcase move you don't need any meter to break shields. It breaks Angelos shields, Mephesto/Faust cloaks and removes Blitz...
  10. SpawnShooter


    No I mean actual results like Style Points, time ranking, orb ranking, bonuses etc
  11. SpawnShooter


    What results do you get?
  12. SpawnShooter

    Worst Moment in Devil May Cry 3

    Oh yeah how did I forget that! XD (still I think it SHOULD be SSS)
  13. SpawnShooter

    Worst Moment in Devil May Cry 4

    Well Nero kind of needs the DB because he doesn't have many practical ways to avoid moves that knock the enemy back like Dante can with weapon switches, guard canceling or just his access to so many moves. In fact that's the primary reason Jump Cancelling should be used, not to spam jump and...
  14. SpawnShooter

    Worst Moment in Devil May Cry 4

    I think the Style Point System on a whole works ok, it's just let down by a couple of things that make it look bad. For example there are a lot of crowd control moves/moves with long range so the Style Bar will be increasing quickly, it has to be like this else you just wouldn't get enough off a...
  15. SpawnShooter

    Let's Rank DMC games from Best to Worst

    Oh I almost forgot about DMC4:Refrain...it was terrible (though impressive for what it was)