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  • Hi SpawnShooter.
    I'm fine Thanks.

    Projects... Well, there is my unfinished story 'Nite-Runner' on Here.
    And My website dedicated to that story (which i have to update with more pics at some point.)

    Its a Devil may cry fiction with my own character in it.

    Hope you're okay
    I'm fine thanks! Glad you liked the story and you can still post if you really want to. No one is gonna get mad at you for showing appreciation. :lol:
    Horror films these days just seem a huge excuse for tons of un-needed gore and sex.
    I love Alien.
    I quite like Elm Street too. Krueger gave me nightmares for months
    Burmese are laid-back and nonaggressive, and they show more compassion than any other snake I've had.

    People think reptiles are slimy and evil... Not true. They're very lovable, cute creatures.
    They're gonna get me another Burmese. <3 They're the best kind, and my house has plenty of room for it to roam freely.

    I like snakes too. People say they don't make good pets because they don't care about their owners, but if you're with one long enough, there's a bond that's made. No doubt.
    so does Dragon Ball...hahahha....but i mean....its annoying because im not cool with emos...the whole idea of depression and cutting and all is not my grouping me anywhere near those people is annoying
    DMC has the best enemies, best bosses, best environment, best music... Best everything. And the best Dante, by a LONG shot.
    we're cool's the labels is all.....its nothing personal with anyone...its just...i tried explaning and then people still do.... but thanks for apologizing
    I've been doing exactly the same thing funnily enough.
    When i first logged on today I thought WTF!!!
    I've been ranting to my parents... ****ed off doesn't describe what i feel about this game.
    I'll send you an invite to my DMC5 therapy group. If it'll help, you can rant about it there.
    I really enjoyed the books, especially the novels. I was practically up all night reading them.
    Thats the only thing 'Vergil related' i don't like talking about.
    And Thanks. Most people stay away from me because I'm Vergil-obsessed, a tiny bit insane and a little annoying
    Thanks :)
    I used to make one. You have to sign up for it and do a little confirmation thing over at the 360 forums so they know its really your tag, but then they let you create the little card thing with your last games and score and stuff. They have different designs too.

    Alas, my 360 is having issues lately so I doubt my card changes for a while!
    The novels are quite good. Then there is the manga, which isn't too bad either.
    But they aren't really classed as canon, but they're still good though.

    That father son thing really isn't going to be popular if it happens.
    Nice to meet someone else who thinks its rubbish
    Apparently things are more noticeable on the PC version. I heard during one cutsceneDante winks at Vergil, something not noticeable on the PS2 version.
    I agree, a remake would be good. Perhaps they could put Vergil's full story on it
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