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  • Oh ya know...The type of question based on love story is a headache:wacko: but I've survived...
    My pics i found them on through them Im trying to present myself like Dante's girlfriend^_^...I believe we can get married....
    guess i know what you are thinking about me....:lol:
    D'AAW! That's cute.

    And I don't mind predictable gifts. :D I'm keeping both anyway. :p
    Wow, that´s awesome man :cool:
    Hope we´ll meet someday and form a band xD.
    I´m into grunge and post - grunge (you know what i mean) Nirvana and stuff like that.
    I also listen to Spiderbait to catch some drum solos.
    Okay i´m losing my mind xD.
    I´m working on a band, but school is keeping me away for now :dry:. Do you play bass in the band or only in free time?
    Of all DMC games i play DMC 2,3 and 4. I didn´t play 1 only but i will of course. I think DMC3 is the best, DMC 4 is somewhat soft compared to DMC3 and DMC 2 is waaay to serious and has little cutscenes.
    Hi dude, always nice to hear from you :D. No, i think not, i played DBZ Budokai 3 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3, i heard about Burst Limit.
    I also played some of them on GBA forgot the name though (it was like an RPG).
    In my fanfic, she's actually busted out by another character, and instead of killing Nic's character, she ends up getting emotionally attached to her instead.
    It's no problem, but hey all the same :lol:
    I'm a writer/artist, nothing big there. Huge fan of DBZ Yu Yu Hakusho, and a bunch of other animes.

    As for my profile animation? His name is Hiei ^_^
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