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  • Thank you very much. :$

    How is that personal? :huh: As a boss, he would have been better if I didn't have to fight him 3 times. As a character? Meh.
    Far from! I'm terrible at a lot of things.

    I wanna be a comedy writer. :)
    It is expensive. :wacko:

    I've decided to minor in Speech/Communications so that's good. My speech prof offered to be my adviser to. Makes my life easy. ^_^
    You have never bothered me.

    I'm good, how about you? I've been busy with college. Not so much the work, but other stuff like picking classes for next semester and such.
    O_O I'm respected? I did not know that. Wow. :$

    And I'd love to help you. If its a secret you can PM me. :ninja:
    I didn't realize I was trust source. :$

    Hm. Well maybe join the RP Group. I can send you a link if you want. There's lots of RPs there and I know DT was trying to recruit people for a couple.
    Hey man :D, just to say hi and to share some good news. I found the lead guitar and bass for my band, i´m soooo excited about our first meeting.
    I'm fine, thanks. =)

    Ah, yeah, the Fenrir is going to take some planning as it needs fur attaching bit by bit to the face. So I've been holding off on that while I look for a supplier of Sil-Poxy, which is film industry silicone glue for 'creatures'.

    The Okami sculpture is made of a 50/50 mix Cernit and Super Sculpey polymer clay. It needs painting, and I'm waiting for the white paint to arrive in the post.
    I'm fine, thanks. :) I don't have anymore story ideas, just working on the ones I already started.

    Its day right now.
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