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Recent content by seraphmaycry

  1. seraphmaycry

    On the final fight

    Not the first time I've gotten that name wrong. Very well, my bad. Thought I might make a mistake, but I was way worse then I thought. Fixed the dumb mistakes.
  2. seraphmaycry

    On the final fight

    Yup, that's the merciful short version.
  3. seraphmaycry

    On the final fight

    I have noticed several times people have mentioned that Vergil would have realistically won the final fight, and, looking at the practicality of Vergil's combat actions, I find it difficult to disagree. Dante swings his sword, it goes far and the weight and momentum mean changing direction mid...
  4. seraphmaycry

    Is it normal for the XBox to get this hot?

    Unless the xbox hss been going for several hours it shouldn't get very heated, installing a game shouldn't be particularly stressful either. Doesn't sound like you've been doing anything wrong. Is the fan broken or damaged? is it making excessive noise? If you can fix the heat by using a fan...
  5. seraphmaycry

    A really good point...

    Eh, unless you're crafting a narrative heavy game, death only has to mean failure, coding the outbranching gameplay and story standpoints would require much from the designers that could be used elsewhere. Of course, as technology and tools improve, this will become easier, and so will...
  6. seraphmaycry

    Debunking: Dante IS NOT immortal

    While what you say has truth, I'd argue Dante does handle swords better, in dmc3 he gets stabbed hy vergie and gets wrecked, dmc1 alastor hurt him, but Dante handled it better, dmc4 he recovered in a few seconds and its after a bigger sword, dmc2 hes like screw it, and in the anime thT stab was...
  7. seraphmaycry

    Can anyone help me? Just a curious question.

    ah, well, that's still sort of weird but that makes sense, i'm not in charge of a big company or anything so i can't pretend to be able to understand what all goes on in relation to it, but it seems at least some games would result in profit.
  8. seraphmaycry

    Can anyone help me? Just a curious question.

    So this is about the marvel vs capcom franchise. What happened to it? i mean, i love the game, it's well received, from what i've seen at least, it seems profitable, did people just stop buying it and that screwed up the servers? why did they just remove it from the online stores and keep the...
  9. seraphmaycry

    DANTE; protagonist, half-devil, hypocrite, maniac. (and some other stuff)

    i'm not going to even read the recent posts on this thread, it was stupid, i claim responsibility for that, no pretend this thread never existed and let's all go live in our own happy delusions forever.
  10. seraphmaycry

    Vergil tips and tactics?

    thanks for all of that, yeah i mean stun-lock normal enemies, this should help. so i played a bit, continuing on from a fairly old save until i got stuck on agni and rudra because i always get stuck on them on my first DMD (VMD i guess here) playthrough.
  11. seraphmaycry

    Capcom can be bought now.

    hmmm, i'm not a street fighter fan, but judging from my dabbles in marvel v capcom (OMG VERGIL!) they are definitely masters of this sort of game, cappy i'd like to keep that. Resident evil idk what they go with in my opinion. Megaman = nintendo, i'm not insulting the series, but nintendo...
  12. seraphmaycry

    Vergil tips and tactics?

    First off, i know there is a thread for this already, but i don't want to revive an old thread. what i need is two things to help me. 1: stunlocks 2: how to use spiral swords, storm swords, blistering swords. the rest i can learn from experience and careful practice
  13. seraphmaycry

    What are you sick of?

    Huh, so what if my opinion was that beds are made of lava? or that the great c'thulu watches over us all? or that toxic gas is fine to breath? it's all my opinion, it's all subjective. there's a reason you get a professional opinion for things instead of the opinion of some random loser who...
  14. seraphmaycry

    What are the most controversial opinions you hold about video games?

    You know who's laughing about these pc or console arguments? or the console wars? the people you bought the things from. you brought or ordered a console from them, there, your soul is now composed entirely off modern world superficiality, your deal with the devil is complete, thank you and...
  15. seraphmaycry

    What are the most controversial opinions you hold about video games?

    I have an opinion only very controversial within the more brain-dead gaming communities, which is that graphics shouldn't be the base of video games, i respect this community enough to say i don't need to explain the massive cost of re-designing games for new graphics cards, how it's generally...