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    Dante vs. Samurai Jack

    Jack stands no chance against any Dante. Dante would literally have to be holding back for Jack to. even go toe to toe with him. Jack may be a skilled swordsman, but Dante has the blood of a demon inside him. If Dante were human, then it would be something else altogether.
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    If you had a "real" Death Note...

    Use it wisely? LOL!!! I couldn't care less about other people's religions. It wouldn't matter if they're an Atheist, Muslim, Satanist, or Christian. I'd put them all six feet under and move on.First group of people i'd get rid of are the douchebags who throw away trash in my friggin yard every...
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    Which Dante would win?

    It's obviously Vergil It's the Dante that isn't listed, the DMC2 one (Older and more experienced). But since you didn't put him, the next best choice would be DMC4 one. But honesty, if it ever came to a fight between all of them, I think that none of them would win. In a scenario like this...
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    DmC's character designs

    Dante: His look became more and more natural (I would say) the longer I played as him. Overall, i'm not a fan of his design anymore. But I think I can appreciate what NT was trying to do. Vergil: Thought it was a bit lacking, but it suited Vergil well enough. Dat fedora tho - a terrible...
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    Someone actually playing this game?

    Just started back playing it again when I got home on hard. After getting to the Nightmare fight, I quickly realized I had reached scrub tier. I'm afraid I may no longer have a workable PS2 or controller (or even vocal cords) if I don't beat this thing. Scumbag Nightmare...... But anyways, I...
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    What would say your worst quality is?

    My worst quality- its either my developing hatred for people, or that I tend to listen to people and not give a damn about what they're saying (occasionally ).
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    Time to brush up on those SW loops..... DAMN I"M SO HYPE!!!!!
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    Video Games That Desappointed You.

    I don't get disappointed, I get my goddamn money back. For me to be disappointed in a game would mean I would have to have been hype about it in the first place. And I've learned since long ago to quell the excitment and anticipation. The one game that came close was ME3.
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    new weapons/power ideas?

    Eh, I have a few wacky ideas: Special shades that when are put on, are able to reveal the true nature of attacks. They can reflect some projectile attacks and guard/stagger against some physical attacks Reave: Not only will Osiris get stronger with each successful atttack/combo or whatever, you...
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    Metal Gear Rising is a Prequel to 2013's DmC: Devil May Cry?

    .... Well, F@#$! Why didn't I think of this? It's all starting to make sense now. This also explains why Donte finds the need to curse so much since he obviously wasn't able to fully develop his english skills enough to hold a decent conversation!
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    Let's talk about epic female game characters

    Lucia - I dont know what made me like Lucia so much, but I just... do. Her character design, her style, and her weapons appeal to me. Alkaid - sama: This may just be my favorite female video game character ever. Alkaid-sama (.hack GU) is a typical tsundere that intimidates the main character...
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    Where has the “horror” in Survival-horror gone?

    The first Dead Space had a great atmosphere, which was what it was most acclaimed for (That and its sound). The other 2 toned it down to the point where it was tense.
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    Why Metal gear Rising can't possibly be DMC5 (Or in place for DmC)

    Why can't MGR not be DMC5 because IT'S NOT DMC5!?!?!?! Just saying......
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    granted but world peace has been achieved and all weapons destroyed I wish I could solve any calculus problem in my head, no matter the difficulty
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    If you could....

    Fixed. Sorry if that came our wrong for you or anyone else......