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  • This...
    is a very late reply... *shot*
    I'm SO SORRY! >w< I'm just on the site after millions of decades, back from my mopiness, I guess xD
    HEYYYY~! (And late welcome back xD ) How youuu???
    I noticed man. I could tell your awesomeness wasn't present here much.

    I am in love, with the most amazing woman ever ^^

    I'll check it out. Take care bro :D
    uh, everyone, i'll be gone for a month..afraid there's some comic business i have to attend to. so, smell ya later, kids.~_~
    Afraid I was busier than I previously thought I would be. I'll have to get to work when I am less busy, say next week sometime.
    Of course I want to, but we shall resume this tomorrow my good friend ;) Goodnight man, have a nice day. I'll PM you tomorrow about it all, don't worry ;)
    What happened to you working with me? :huh: If you want to go it alone then good luck, I just thought you wanted to work with me. I could have used your help with the story and we could have worked on some nifty lines for scripts and missions. But it's no big deal, good luck with it :p
    Naw, thanks you!! *Noogie*
    Although, your dA gallery doesn't have much arts in it, are ya still gonna add???? OwO
    Awesome, I'll totally check it out, AND ADD YOU :lol:
    BTW, you have : before your dA name? That's odd :lol: Often, so many people have ~ before theres! Oh well.
    lol - and I've added you too :)

    I don't think I ever got as far as even seeing the Princess on the original Prince of Persia...I sucked too bad :lol:
    Oh hiya! :D
    that's fine by me! :D I like to make new friends! :p
    So I'm Demons Destiny, but you can call me DD for short :D
    If you need any help, just give me a bell ;)
    I'm around, just less active.

    Sure, I would love your help. But it is my Concept, and originally I wished to have all the credit for my hard work. Having a partner just means I have to share the credit, which is fine by me anyway :p But if I see how well your input works out then I'll work with you for reals ;) Just show me some of your ideas in a PM, but know that I have high standards :)
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