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Recent content by RebeledgeYamato

  1. RebeledgeYamato

    Full trailer for DMC4 SE

    Well he did play Devil May Cry 4 in order to use it as a base to create Bayonetta so he can say what he wants. I do think its a fair complaint.
  2. RebeledgeYamato

    Full trailer for DMC4 SE

    The dice gameplay is tricky but simple. You just need to catch the roll of the die in a millisecond. I've done it and got the results I've wanted 9 times out of 10. It doesn't mean that we deserve something unbearable to most people.
  3. RebeledgeYamato

    Full trailer for DMC4 SE

    I wonder if they'll fix the backtracking and give us new environments for Vergil.... If you see the trailer at 0:06 you can see a different design to the city. It's probably a different playable section we didn't get the first time around. But that's just my theory. I do strongly feel the...
  4. RebeledgeYamato

    Full trailer for DMC4 SE

    I was just about to say all this, ok most of this not all. I have zero doubts that the Vergil we will see is based on his presence earlier than we saw him in Devil May Cry 3 storywise. His movesets will be new but he will even younger or slightly younger than before he raised the Temini-gru...
  5. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition trailer promises new playable characters: Vergil, Trish and Lady

    It's quite possible that while Vergil gets all 20 missions of a campaign, there will be story elements based on Devil May Cry 4's tie-in novel making it into the game.
  6. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition for Next Gen

    I've said in the past that Devil May Cry 5 should be about the parents of Dante and Vergil. We could get an origin story and the reasoning for Sparda's disappearance. Who would write it though? since Bingo Morihashi left Capcom after DMC4 and he has a knack for writing stories involving...
  7. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition for Next Gen

    I don't believe there will be two individual canon's with Devil May Cry. Capcom went through a lot of trouble to make this reboot work. Luckily the fans made their opinion's known about what they felt was best. After all money talks. Right now DmC is stuck in an unclear direction more than...
  8. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition for Next Gen

    There were plenty of unlikable things about DMC4, the monotonous dice, the gaseous rooms deteriorating your health, the disappearing glass floors taking too long to load up the more forward paths, the underground enemies that swallow you and send you back to the beginning or other parts of the...
  9. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition for Next Gen

    If were talking DMC4 Special Edition, I'd rather Vergil not have levels that require him to backtrack. If it turns out to be half a game, I won't be disappointed. I wonder how they'll do it. Bring back Spiral Swords maybe give them a new command. I hope they keep the original judgement cut that...
  10. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is a thing, set to hit next-gen consoles in 2015

    It was the voice of an old friend from a certain game in the series.
  11. RebeledgeYamato

    DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition announced; includes Vergil Bloody Palace, Turbo Mode, and more

    I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I had problems to deal with that took me out of the Devil May Cry scene for a while but now that this news is out, I look forward to trying them both out. Devil May Cry 4's teaser at the end of the trailer has me more excited for that though. My hope in...
  12. RebeledgeYamato

    We're going to interview Sage Mears - submit your questions!

    Questions 1) Love your Kat cosplay. Supercute if I might say so. It's not everyday someone who does the mo-cap dresses up like the character ;D Have any date, *Halloween Plans, or both? 2) How you do think Kat feels about everything, now that Vergils new outlook on life was realized, the...
  13. RebeledgeYamato

    Discussion about Vergil's Downfall

    Uploaded another video talking about Vergil's strengths and weaknesses as a character. His combat abilities, his weapons, tricks, the level and demand of player in put, all around what makes the character as playable as he is. Pretty much what to expect and not when downloading the episode...
  14. RebeledgeYamato

    Devil May Cry Live Action Film Trailer

    With a splash of Resident Evil elements, the trailer is turning out to be a good view. It could even surpass Resident Evil Afterlife, and the other Hollywood film takes in that series if these guys keep up the good work. The title gives everything away XD
  15. RebeledgeYamato

    Why is Classic Dante's skin in DmC?

    Actually the only ones butt hurt by it are those like you who might happen to enjoy DLC based descisions. But then theres the matter of not putting in the game properly such as Vergils gameplay style. People need to stop acting as though locked content is the only offender, much less major...