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Recent content by ReaperHunter

  1. ReaperHunter

    MGS5:PP worth playing for the story/experience?

    Hmm. The MGSV storyline to me is an interesting one to try to recommend. Like I think that the moments that it has are pretty cool in a vacuum. But they don't really gel together that well as an actual narrative. Take that as you will. I enjoyed the gameplay so I was able to make peace with...
  2. ReaperHunter

    Resident Evil 4 Remake

    Oh boy. Callisto Protocol in December, Dead Space in January, and Resi 4 in march. Horror fans eat good in a little while. Hahaha
  3. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    Oh man, I just finished Alan Wake last weekend. For me it was definitely one of those game where I enjoyed the world and story and such. But oh man, the gameplay felt like a chore in most instances. Still really interested to see how 2 shakes out though.
  4. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    Made a sort of thematic analysis for Transistor the other day.
  5. ReaperHunter

    Hit me with your dad jokes/puns!

    You can compare and contrast the way people sing with a venn diaphragm.
  6. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    First concert of 2022 was The Birthday Massacre. Great show.
  7. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    Yeah, Apollo Justice doesn't quite hit the highs that the first three games do. But I do think its a pretty consistent experience, and I'd say it doesn't quite hit the lows of something like Case 2-3 haha.
  8. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    I finished The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles last night. It is my new favorite in the series.
  9. ReaperHunter

    General Gaming News

    They're just going to check off the list. They are coming for Ubisoft next :ROFL:
  10. ReaperHunter

    Your everyday outfit style:

    My standard outfit is: Red trench coat, black jeans, some gloves, and usually some kind of band tshirt. My profile picture is an illustration of me if that helps.
  11. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    The Unleash The Archers concert last nightwas great.
  12. ReaperHunter

    General Gaming News

    To be fair. There was a trailer from the studio headed by the first Silent Hill's director. And it looked pretty good.
  13. ReaperHunter

    Game of the Year 2021

    Tales of Arise, Cris Tales and Metroid Dread were my favorites fron this year. Looking forward to Horizon: Forbidden West and AI Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative next year.
  14. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    I went to a Black Veil Brides concert tonight. It was a good time.
  15. ReaperHunter

    What Are You Thinking?

    I got to go to a Slipknot convert last night. It was great.