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  • Hi, just had to say I love your sig! I've only just played it for about 5hrs and haven't seen that bit yet, lol!
    Hi RB, happy Birthday for yesterday! ^_^ did you have a good one?
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    Thank you so very much! I did. Since it was my 21st I drank a lot lol. And went to the casino! :D
    Awesome I hope you won big! I also
    hoped you cos-played ;)

    That means we are the same age now! :D
    Not really, but I didn't lose big either! Lol. :D
    Oh, we are? That is quite awesome. >D
    Is that Leanne in your avy? Just wondering.
    Yes, it is Leanne. <3
    Leanne and Vashyron are awesome together lol.
    Oh, it was your B'day recently? Happy belated B'day. Hope it was fun.
    Yes, totally. I love Vashyron's personality so much, and it meshes well with Leanne's! :D Yes it was! Thank you very much, I did. :)
    Hi sorry i thought i was following you already :) now you should be able to post on my profile

    how are you? I see you've got an avatar sorted :)
    I'm fine, how are you? And yes I did! Sorry I totes did not read this sooner, it never alerted me. D:
    thanks, ive never been to a convention, but would love to go to one :) i do believe there's a cos-play thread lurking around here somewhere, i think i have maybe even started one at some point or you could always start one yourself :D
    Its no probs at all ^_^ yeah thats me in the pic, it was actually a surprise from my mum one Christmas! we were gonna go to a cosplay convention for a bit of fun he would be 17 and i wish i could be Frieza:lol: but i prob have more of a teen Gohan kinda look to me, my other mate wants me to go as Broly! :wacko: I would also love to try Dante what about you who would you cosplay as? not just DBZ but anything?
    Hi again, I just spoke to someone and they said it seems to be a current Forum problem at the moment but i think all the new changes are due to be done this week, so that should sort any problems out but id still try Steve :)

    Oh and one more thing nice pics your uploading :)
    ^_^ I usualy dont take so long to respond

    I do have to agree with all your decisions there Trunks and #17 rock (I have a friend who is a spitting image of 17!) and i dont think Goku's a boring choice :) i realy liked him, especialy pre DBZ

    I still think it would be nice for you to have a avatar, help you to settle in :) Ill quickly ask around now I know your online, there was a few people that had similar problems ill see if they have any ideas and report back
    *salutes and scuttles off*
    Hi RB ^_^ sorry i took so long to respond :( but my fav char would probly be Frieza or I do realy like Piccolo but only when he doesnt have Chris Sabat syndrome! who's yours and what saga/movie is your fav?

    and two is more popular than some get :p but your best bet if you ever see someone you like just go to their profile with an invite and say hi ^_^ everyones realy friendly so they will def exept

    yeah this site had a couple of problems a little while back but thats all sorted now and where going through some changes at the moment so it may be a bit different soon, try messaging steve(thats his username also) about your ava hes a realy friendly and should be able to sort that out for you, hes a bit busy at the mo so if he doesnt message back straight away let me know and ill put you in contact with one of his colleagues that should be able to help ^_^

    hope your doing well :)
    Its always nice to see another DB fan :D sorry i thought i sent you a friend invite earlier...

    there we go thats much better :)
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