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Recent content by Prince of persia

  1. Prince of persia

    Favourite/ least favourite level.

    My favourite mission is the 1st one . The least one the 10th one because I am not able to kill Bob Barbas :(
  2. Prince of persia

    Two Requests!

    I agree with that
  3. Prince of persia

    Great request.........

    Can anyone please tell me how insert skins in DmC 5 please please please help me ...................
  4. Prince of persia

    Original Costume + Son of Sparda Pre-Packed Textures

    that is good but I don't understand how insert it:lol: can you please tell me how to insert it
  5. Prince of persia

    Where's teh Savegame folder / Can anyone....

    can anyone please tell me how to insert skins in DmC
  6. Prince of persia

    [REQUEST] Real DMC3 Dante

    Can anyone please give me DmC 3 skin mod for devil may cry 5:)