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    Dante in Monster Hunter 4G

    Here's more pics & Info about it in this link.
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    Getting more people into the Series

    I've been trying to new fans into the series as best I could, Have any of you also gave DMC Games as gifts to your friends or family members too?
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    Last Chance Leaving...

    According to PSN Starting November 5th, Ninja Theory's DmC will no longer be a Digital Download. And nothing of Great Value was Lost. :P
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    I'm Back Suckaz!

    It's fine. I was unde It's fine. At the time of my post I was under alot of stress over the way she Abused & "Hexed" me and wasn't sure if I'd be cyberstalked again because of how petty the NT Supporters were. I know it was an Extreme coincidence that stuff happened but you could probably...
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    I'm Back Suckaz!

    You think I wanted this to happen? Real Classy that you only read what you want to read (Or Highlight in Red.) but fail to read the rest of the fact that I "Spent Years Believing" I was Hexed by her. I just didn't want to be abused anymore.
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    デビルメイクライ Merchandising

    I made an Old thread about this topic long ago regarding unofficial merchandise. Your welcome to check it out. Also I found out they made DMC4 Playing Cards. lol The links for them can be found on Ebay and Amazon...
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    I'm Back Suckaz!

    I know i've hardly been on for a number of years but I had to wait for this whole "DmC" thing to blow over since I was not only being harassed by Trolls who were Obnoxiously defending it but I spent years thinking I had something to do with it being made because out of extreme coincidence my Ex...
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    Devil May Cry Anime Now on Hulu.

    They have both versions...
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    Reuben Langdon Is Quite Possibly The Voice Of DmC’s Dante

    I'm just gonna leave this right here...
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    Vote for Vergil to be in MVC3.

    For another shot at voting for Vergil There's a T-shirt contest at NYCC for his Image to be on a T-shirt to Promote Ultimate MVC3. Here's link if you all want to vote for his Image to be on a T-shirt.
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    Dante in marvel vs capcom 3?

    The Alternate colors of Dante, Trish and Vergil have been revealed for Ultimate MVC3. Here's the link's along with explainations of each one. Dante. Trish...
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    This might be alittle off topic but After getting permission from the Moderator I have something to ask many of you if possible: There's a relatively new social network that has no group or DMC Fanbase on this site called Who's with me in starting one? It's a site that pays...
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    DMC Mugen Sprites.

    I give props to whoever at Mugen put effort into the Animations of Dante & Vergil's Mugen Sprites. They look pretty damn fluid for 2d and it doesnt look like they had to alter another sprite just to make them. (And before you ask they also made a Nero Sprite too.)...
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    Dante in marvel vs capcom 3?

    Another Niitsuma Interview, This time on Vergil & Iron Fist.
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    Dante in marvel vs capcom 3?

    Update: Vergil now has a Video Walkthrough on his moves & Attacks that also Reveal Special Dialouge he shares with Ghost Rider. ^_^