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Recent content by NeroS

  1. NeroS

    What's YOUR game of the year?

    Then i would say Skyrim.
  2. NeroS

    Things You Hate.

    Then that is not a teacher and should be fired on the second.
  3. NeroS


    Welcome back :)
  4. NeroS

    Son of sparda mission 19 glitch/bug.

    This problem is really old now i don't play DMC anymore.
  5. NeroS

    Things You Hate.

    I hate: Waking up early The fact that facebook being hacked was a lie*Why!!!* Cheese
  6. NeroS

    DMD Help

    That is if you get stuck somewhere :)
  7. NeroS

    Nero's True Demon form or Something else?

    Only logical explanation for Nero being Vergil's son is Vergil being forced to..fill Trish with"Liight" I'm dead serious here.
  8. NeroS

    DMD Help

    If you are with Nero Grab them with the arm and lock onto another gladii and they destory each other.With Dante...Try destroying them with either Gunslinger style or Dark Slayer.Both work. Also the place is torture chamber i believe.
  9. NeroS

    DMD Help

    Attack behind them.
  10. NeroS

    Worst DMC3 experience(s)

    Mine works fine ^_^.with the exception of allowing me to cheat engine :P
  11. NeroS

    The Bloody Palace

    seriously i wonder how i got the patience to beat dmc 4's BP.oh yea.Infinite DT dante.
  12. NeroS

    The Bloody Palace

    Yes 1 floor at a time.Its actually irrelevant to DMC 3 BP.DMC3 BP=If done correctly.100 times + the fire portal=100 floors like DMC 4.
  13. NeroS

    The Bloody Palace

    DMC4 BP has 100 levels.But they still get boring aswell.
  14. NeroS

    The Bloody Palace

    I can clear it but it just gets too boring..how many floors did you say it has?