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Recent content by Nero DAnte

  1. Nero DAnte

    Help in God-Cube stage?

    Im a DMC 3 newbie.just got to mission 17 and am stuck in god cube room.managed to get to door one.A little help,please,maybe a few helpful tips
  2. Nero DAnte

    DmC2 Wishlist (Characters, Stories, etc.)

    Light and dark?
  3. Nero DAnte

    Is there anyone New Dante CAN beat?

    Alastor sword,did u notice the '?' part?im doubtful if he can beat her
  4. Nero DAnte

    nice pro pic

    nice pro pic
  5. Nero DAnte

    Your sign my man,is EPIC

    Your sign my man,is EPIC
  6. Nero DAnte

    DMC 5, thoughts for a great continuation

    MAybe Nero was attacked by demons and they i dont know,chopped off his arm and somehow, it grows back,like,regeneration?
  7. Nero DAnte

    So can Dante's power be considered beyond God-like ?

    remember,Mundus might not have battled Argosax alone.Maybe with a certain general named Sparda,maybe?
  8. Nero DAnte

    Ninja Theory replies to a Tweet concerning DmC sequel

    Same here.DMC is one hell of an awesome series
  9. Nero DAnte

    Ninja Theory replies to a Tweet concerning DmC sequel

    Oh damn!At least it should be a good one.Born in Limbo eh?we'll see
  10. Nero DAnte

    Mundus could have been stronger?

    When Mundus falls,he has Elemental control,and it takes him a bit of time to recharge,as he is a bit weak