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  • Hi MochaCub,
    Hope you're well. Just popped in to say that my Xbox isn't connected to the internet, but I do Have an Xbox Live account (makes sense doesn't it :p lol!).
    Anyway, I'm VeeBee15. I'll send you a friend request so if and when (one day, don't know when) the Xbox is hooked up to the internet, I'll be online and challenging you :p
    Take Care
    well hey if you are bored now the next bleach movie the hell chapter is supposed to come out in august
    Congrats and yeah, I hear ya on taking a break from the academic world.

    Very nice to see you have a plan laid out. I'm not going back to school ever again, but I may change my mind somewhere down the line. It seems like everyone around me is going out to get thier Masters, lol. Too much work for me at the moment and I want to go ahead and get a job Marketing and promoting products for some company.
    That's great news, man.

    I'm going to get my Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering in July, as the exam season is near. Then, I think I'm gonna take a break from the academic world and get myself some experience from actual engineering.

    Then, I might actually get the Master of Science, as we call It here, and may think of job opportunities abroad.

    For now, thinking short of what I have ahead though. Step by step is the best way.
    Oh hey Terrence.

    That's good news man. About the controller thing, I personally don't use controllers for PC, only the keyboard. Sorry I can't be of help in this area.

    There could be a few forums here and there If you look at Google.
    I can't wait either:D

    Emilie Autumn is awesome. I got into her like a couple of days ago. She is beautiful and a talented singer/songwriter. The songs I'm most enjoying by her are Thank God I'm Pretty and The Art of Suicide. She's also good at crafty things like making fairy wings:O
    That'd be great if it was true. I mean Ichigo's dad, a betrayer of the Soul I have been hearing rumors about Kubo planning something like this.
    Bleach right now is somethin' else. The ending could have been sweet but WHAT HAPPENED TO TOUSEN IS WHAT I WANNNA KNOW. lol It sucks no more chapters for a couple weeks because of stupid breaks. I can't wait anymore.
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