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Recent content by Mister Z

  1. Mister Z

    El Donte!

    I don't know about you, but I actually think the spanish dub is plain medicocre. Spanish is my main language, and I for one, couldn't bare it not even for one mission.
  2. Mister Z

    Anyone managed to put Vergil in BP?

    THAT SCREENSHOT IS FAKE! Look at the pixels at the tyrants' feet. They're obviously pasted into the picture!
  3. Mister Z

    Is anyone else disappointed by Vergil's weapon sound?

    Agreed. Yamato would have sounded better with sharper, screechier sounds that made you hear like it was one of those "so sharp you get by looking at it" kind of blades. Not that I complain about the current songs, but combat would have been, say, 1% more enjoyable just by hearing Yamato in action.
  4. Mister Z

    To All You Gamers Blaming The Fans For Poor DmC: Devil May Cry Sales

    More now than ever, not just gamers, but consumers of all kind in general, need to practice their judging skills and generate their own judgments, listening from the direct word of other (non-biased and rational) consumers rather than the press, trying the product (if legally possible) without...
  5. Mister Z

    DmC: Is Sparda balding?!

    Except the original Sparda probably never even tried to blend in. In fact, we don't know what exactly Sparda ever did after defeating Mundus. He probably never tried to blend in, maybe he did, we won't know, so let's not make comparisons over nothing we know of. Besides, we're all aware the...
  6. Mister Z

    Sales Figures--DmC--Worth the reboot?

    This kind of situations would never happen if you people learned to quit being so stubborn and understood that the real problem is not your opinions, but your attitudes. Being sure about your opinion against something gives you no right to being a snob and act like you've suddenly become a...
  7. Mister Z

    Should NT and Capcom make more DLC for DmC

    ^^While we're at it, how about updating BP overall, like making all waves harder (seriously, screw the Minor Stygian rushes) and adding Vergil's enemies to Dante's BP as well. Make Dante and Vergil face against all their bosses combined (yeah, that obviously implies Vergil vs "Shadow Vergil")...
  8. Mister Z

    Big V can't help but show off...

    "He was right. He does have a bigger one!" It's strange how the ammount of people who have dealt with glitches seems equal to those who haven't yet at all (myself included).
  9. Mister Z

    Two Dodge Buttons

    I haven't proofread yet, so I apologize again if I did any mistakes in my writing. I think it's pretty normal that someone who is accostumed to playing with a lock-on based system is gonna have a hard time trying to deal with the lack of it, specially if it's so engraved in their mind...
  10. Mister Z

    Why Metal gear Rising can't possibly be DMC5 (Or in place for DmC)

    This point has probably been made already, but frankly, the only people who were promoting MGR as "the true DMC5" so fervously were the passionate anti-DmC crowd who just couldn't keep their outrage on check so they seemingly needed a game they could use to antagonize on the game. So they found...
  11. Mister Z

    Bloody Palace, Too easy?

    Well, it's good to know that in DmC, the same can be done too. It's still a shame that the vanilla game lacked in the difficulty department (which is a tough case for those who have a console version), but I think that, with some creativity, fans can mod something interesting that can give...
  12. Mister Z

    Scrapped ideas from the official blog.

    Hopefuly their work with Capcom served as a wake up call for NT and from now on try to be less agressive about "what would look cool" and more thoughtful on "what would play well". Obviously, DmC still struggled with that, but here's hoping that, if it ever happens, DmC 2 shows a good...
  13. Mister Z

    Scrapped ideas from the official blog.

    It depends on the way they had played. If Dante chopped a demon with a cleaver, blended his guts and roasted it on a grill with a deranged, sadistic smile on his face all the time, then yeah, that'd be too much. If Dante simply threw a demon into a big oven, got turned on, and got roasted...
  14. Mister Z

    I Have A Question

    Throwing DMC2 Dante aside, most of Dante's classic incarnations (including his guest appearences in games like MVC3, Proyect X Zone, etc., and also his anime persona) were more alike to each other than any of them compared to DmC's Dante. They shared a lot of common traits. It only makes sense...
  15. Mister Z

    Pretend that Capcom released DMC5 last month and....

    Disappointment comes from expectation (well, most of the time). I wouldn't be expecting anything impressive in DMC5's story, so long as I can have a blast killing demons like I did on past games, I'd be more happy to go with Dante on another of his outlandish missions. That said, I'd agree...